E3 2012 - The Elder Scrolls Online Gameplay Footage

DSOGaming writes: "Zenimax Online has revealed the first gameplay footage of their upcoming The Elder Scrolls Online title. This is basically a flythrough video that shows off the game’s environments. Yeah, this is not on par with Skyrim’s visuals but it still looks quite good."

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DaThreats2180d ago

You hear that guys?
No dragons in Skyrim Online

GamerEuphoria2179d ago

Skyrim online? errr it's Elder Scrolls Online...not Skyrim...

Drazz2179d ago

"Elder Scrolls Online" not "Skyrim Online"

Genghis2179d ago

confirmed long ago in last month's GI

IaMs122179d ago

That wasnt gameplay. I want to see actual gameplay where the character is fighting. Is this going to be first person like the actual elder scrolls series or another third person MMO doing what every other MMO is doing... Damn, it better be first person, literally elder scrolls but with an online portion and not another freaking MMO that plays like WoW. If i want that, id play WoW.

aPerson2179d ago

It looks great so far, but I was hoping to see some actual gameplay.