The movie gamers have been waiting for?

I'm a big kid at heart, CGI animated kids movies are just as watchable as the latest sci-fi epic. So imagine my glee when I came across this!

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Moncole1937d ago

Watched the trailer the other day. Going to watch it openiong night.

L1keMike1937d ago

Same! Just hoping it will be good >.<

MySwordIsHeavenly1936d ago

Definitely going to see it. I don't expect it to be that good, but I do expect some awesome cameos! It's Disney studios...and not Pixar. :/

RyuX191936d ago

Honestly after Cars 2 that might be a good thing. Also I'm not really that excited for their newest.

Dakidog1936d ago

I'll be catching this, i love animated movies...super hyped lol!

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