Halo 4 multiplayer: five ways it isn't the Halo you remember

OXM UK: "Master Chief's return to screens is a high-wire walk of innovation and inspiration, introducing bold flourishes like the sprawling Spartan Ops campaign while adapting mechanics from popular competitors. It's not a mix that takes well to being chopped up and farmed out, piece by piece - there's too much risk people will fixate on certain ingredients and forget their place in the whole."

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dirigiblebill2206d ago

Hope they keep the old Armor Abilities too, especially jetpacks and active camo.

Balcrist2205d ago

Yea... That booster pack is basically juke+jetpack

svoulis2206d ago (Edited 2206d ago )

Call of Halo Ultra Evolved Combat Ops?

Oh boy, because the fist thing we need is more games to try and be like COD. Talk about beating a dead horse.

RedDead2206d ago (Edited 2206d ago )

Read article? Does not seem to be.

I like these new Armor abilities too. Not nearly as hax as Reaches

svoulis2206d ago

Yes I did and I also saw some of the gameplay. I am not saying it is JUST like COD but it is taking "Inspiration" from it. That remains to be seen if it will be a good thing. But anyone who is a Halo Vet probably thinks otherwise.

The idea of buffs reflecting your "kills, support, assassination etc, is exactly that of COD formula. While you may not get a chopper or air strike you get buffs instead.

Drake1172206d ago

This way they can attract back some of the ppl that CoD has taken away by making some similarities in their game. But Bungie and now i hope 343i is pretty good at making a bunch of different playlists so that if you don't want to play with all the CoD esque features on i'm sure you won't have too.

spicelicka2206d ago (Edited 2206d ago )

Some inspiration yes, but all these features that are known as "COD features" are not necessarily COD. To me COD represents the total disbalance of the features by throwing in every possible thing the developers find.

So much so that other games have to intentionally avoid those features to shape their game, which just doesn't work. Those games get maybe a little respect for trying to be 'different from COD' at the cost of a lot of other things, and soon that respect dissipates and people move on.

This gen at least, is totally overrun by COD, no FPS right now can claim to be different and popular at the same time because it's all just one big melting pot. It's how last gen when halo was popular every game resembled it, but no one cared because halo was actually perfected, unlike COD.

delosisland2206d ago

When u can drop down into the passenger seat of a vehicle and punch the driver out of the car in COD then we'll talk. Tired of morons even trying to compare the two just because some (good) features from other fps's are being borrowed.