Retro Quick Look:- The Punisher goes back in time to look at Volition's hyper violent Marvel Comics game The Punisher.

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acemonkey2231d ago

lol good game i liked the movie as well

P_Bomb2231d ago (Edited 2231d ago )

Great, great comic book game. One of the best ever. Great comic cover collectibles, great cameos (Black Widow, IronMan). Heck, there's a whole level at Stark Industries where Tony gets involved a bit.

Pretty much the Arkham Asylum of Punisher games, heh. Sadly since it's last gen' it doesn't get brought up anymore.

I'd love for this to be re-released on PSN as a PS2 classic or on XBLA.

mightyles2230d ago

I really enjoy the brutality of this game - I think the goofy voice acting takes the edge off of it, preventing it from becoming another Manhunt-style game