Black Ops 2 Zombies will deliver "new and innovative twists"

OXM UK: "We're well aware that a load of you think Zombies is the best bit of Call of Duty, so you should be excited to hear that in Black Ops 2, literally everything's on the cards. Speaking to OXM at E3, a Treyarch producer has hinted at a bold new direction."

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Der_Kommandant2264d ago

Don't put together new and innovative twists with the words Call of Duty

ATi_Elite2264d ago

If you want a real Zombie survival game may i suggest Day Z!

it's TEH BEST!

0neShot2261d ago

Idiot, did you even read the article? And for your ignorant pin head mind, COD zombies spawned into a classic of its own, because of the creativity in Treyarch.

rdgneoz32264d ago

New and innovative, 2 words you never really see alongside a Call of Duty game.

pwneddemocrat2264d ago

Of course you're looking for new, since you ripped the last one right from a Counter Strike Mod. Noobs stop supporting these games!

black9112264d ago

Just improve AI and take out glitches.

IWentBrokeForGaming2264d ago

I want the game mode to have a actual objective and something to work for... insted of wave after wave of zombies till you just die. There's no sense of achievement from this game mode. Even if it goes 1000 waves... at least theres a end to work for!

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