(WGB) Play Reality: How Videogames Are Changing Everything - Book Review

Baden of WolfsGamingBlog writes: "As the newest media on the scene, videogames are almost continuously under scrutiny from both the media and from the general public. They’re often blamed for random acts of violence around the world, accused of making kids into lazy slobs and turning grown adults into brain-dead zombies incapable of feeding themselves or even completing a coherent sentence without dribbling on the carpet. On the other side of the fence you’ve got hardcore gamers who refuse to hear anything bad about their favored hobby, arguing that it’s all just bullshit. Of course, many of the ”facts” that both sides throw around are often completely false or simply misconceived. That’s where this book comes in, written by a mother and son team it aims to present the facts about how gaming is changing the world"

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