Rumor: Assassins Creed III - Battles between ships possible?

Ubisoft released two more screenshots of Assassins Creed III that shows a battle between two ships. Is that a new possibility in the game?

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Double_Oh_Snap2149d ago

The developer has already said no ship battles in mp. Who cares though I mean really. Here's something a developer said during gamespots E3 stage show. Part way through the game you get your own ship which you can sail freely in the ocean.

The entire ship is open you can even go below deck, or jump off and swim. The weather dynamically changes, and you can board any ship. What more do you want? I mean really it's unbelievably awesome.

WeskerChildReborned2148d ago

Yea now that's some true innovation in the series and compared to some other console games. Looking forward to AC3.

GribbleGrunger2149d ago

didn't he watch the Sony conference?

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2148d ago

Not what I heard on GailTrailers.

Hatiko2148d ago

They showed off a ship battle during the Sony press conference like Gribble said, do people writing gaming articles not watch E3 now too?

tommy-cronin2148d ago

cant help but feel seriously angry at this post

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