Assassin's Creed 3 looks gorgeous on Wii U – Ubisoft

Assassin's Creed 3 for Wii U will not be a visual disappointment, Alex Hutchinson, creative director, Ubisoft Montreal, has said.

"Assassin's Creed 3 on the Wii U looks gorgeous in HD," said Hutchinson in a new developer interview.

The creative director also discussed the Wii U exclusive features: an ever-present map on the GamePad screen, and quick weapon change with touch controls.

"It's by far the biggest of the Assassin's Creed games we've built to date, so having a map, a larger map at your disposal at all times [on the GamePad] is a big win," he explained. "It's something that allows you to plan your navigation. See when enemies are near by. So the bigger the map, the better."

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Lucretia2299d ago

it honestly isnt a leap at all. i dont see much of a difference.

wii-u is the next Nintendo generation but its clear its this current generation hardware with a bit more.

now we just need to see it

N62299d ago

Nintendo isn't competing with PS360, just like 3DS was not competing with PSP. What I'm saying is, Nintendo is about being fiscal and efficient. They will not go over the top and blow their wad graphically during their launch period. They will gradually build the console up and yes, to the point where their graphics will be respectable compared to PS4/720. There is no doubt that Wii U "blows PS360 out the water" in terms of specs. It is nothing like GC to Wii, its more like N64 to DC. But unlike Sega, who screwed themselves by confusing consumers with Sega CD & 32x, effecting Saturn...the Wii U will be the thriving version of Dreamcast.

So again, there is nothing to prove vs. 360 & PS3. Nintendo has done their homework, and they are betting that a lot of those PS360 gamers are bored (ahem, like myself) and are ready to jump to new hardware. Sure, there will be many that will "wait" for PS4Xbox8...but Nintendo is betting on their new hardcore adopters to infect their friends, get them attracted to the new control scheme & asymmetrical gameplay. If Nintendo can pull a 3DS, and sell 15 mil before their competitors release their HW, it will be another big success and cruise to over 50 mil WW LTD.

-I am an old school Nintendo fan, that got tired of Wii b/c I expect visuals to evolve along with hardware, so I jumped to PS3 &, ready to come home to the Big N. & and there are MILLIONS of old school 25-35+ year olds in the same category believe that.

Lucretia2299d ago

i'll tag along with what you said.

Nintendo originally couldn't afford to make the wii actually next gen since they didn't have the money MS and sony had.

nintendo used the wii as a gimmick to drag in casuals and boost their profits so they could enter the slightly above current gen while not being horribly behind the next gen of ps4/720

its smart, its safe and keeps them from becoming the next sega.

BUT......this years e3 didn't impress at all. not one good game and just too much mario.

aswell as the 3ds having no games for another year, nintendo needs to realize they have to be careful and can still save themselves this TGS.

I just dont see a reason to get a wii-u yet especially when ps4 and 720 will be here soon.

also the touch screen seems to just be another ds screen. just a MiniMap display. screw that, tho im sure besides nintendo thats how most 3rd parties will use it.

i can see games like dead space or something having the inventory always open on the screen or something lame like that. i hope im proved wrong

N62299d ago


Couldn't afford to make the Wii? Nintendo is made of $$$, sitting on billions. It was not about that at all. With a new formidable monster named Xbox in the fray, they had to carve out a new consumer type and expand gaming commercially. It was genius. Why would they continue banging their head haplessly against the wall by continuing the same path as N64 and GCN, against behemoths of Sony & Microsoft? They had to change the game, create something different, and "cheaper", to the point of it being viewed as a second console, as a non-threat to the HD twins. but combined with Nintendo fans and casuals...oops...Nintendo actually blew the comp and came in 1st. Microsoft actually chewed into Sony's fanbase, while reborn Nintendo grew again. It was a very smart move.

I'll agree that they messed up E3. NintendoLand is a great concept, but should have been the show's opener to set up Pikmin...yes that was a weak way to end the conference. Also, where was EA and Madden? After announcing support for a 2nd U gamepad, it was perfect for Madden 13...obviously for calling plays privately, but imagine a party or when the fellas are chillin out...3 vs 3 madden, with 2 "Quarterbacks" on the U gamepad. Man, I was ready to buy the Wii U Madden "playcaller edition", game bundled with a Upad for $125. Where was the GTA V announcement?!?!?! What a perfect game for the U pad.

But I'm still confident U has a bright future, they will get their ish together. Wii was "FREE MONEY", they already make big bank from their handhelds, so N is sitting strong now...still confident in them no doubt.

LiamIRL822299d ago (Edited 2299d ago )

I will get this version if the loading times are faster. AC games have never been the quickest to load

MrWonderful2299d ago

I'm curious as to why they don't implement this feature for vita owners. That would be a nice feature but I cant justify buying a new console for it.

house2299d ago

i have no clue why they didn't show this at Nintendo e3... would have been better then a lot of the stuff they showed

neutralgamer192299d ago

looks gorgeous lol what else would he say. I bet you one thing it will look no better then the xbox or ps3 version, maybe even be the inferior version.

house2299d ago

well from what i have seen it does look better just by a bit..

xCaptainAmazing2299d ago (Edited 2299d ago )

The sharpness of the image and the textures look easily better in most cases. It's nothing huge, but a good sign. it is the same resolution due to the controller running at the same time, so we'll have to see how it stacks up in the end.

shackdaddy2299d ago

He could have said nothing...

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