Curiousity: I'd Tap That

Last month, Peter Molyneux, the creator of award winning titles such as the Fable and Dungeon Keeper series, announced he was leaving Microsoft and Lionhead to start up an Indie company known as 22Cans. Little had been heard since, until at E3 Peter spoke of what may become a landmark in gaming history.

This is project: Curiosity

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The Meerkat2260d ago (Edited 2260d ago )

So....let me get this straight.

I have to buy tools with REAL money to hammer away at a black cube. And after 2 hours of enuduring w###ers cramp in my right wrist someone else wins the game.

It makes me cry when I think that this guy made some of my favourite games on the Amiga.

Is that your plan Peter, do you want to see me CRY!!!?
Because that's how I react to your biblical fall from grace.

Elderly_Cynic2260d ago (Edited 2260d ago )

£50,000 for a virtual chisel that doesn't even guarantee you'll get to see what's inside?! Even if it DID guarantee that you'd "win", (for lack of a better word), unless what's inside is banking information for an account containing at least £50,000 there is absolutley no way this could be worth it. I think we're learning more about Molyneaux' psychology than he's going to learn about ours...