Don’t Freak Out, But Nintendo Will be Reading (and Censoring, and Delaying) Your Wii U Comments

One of the more pleasant surprises from Nintendo's E3 showings this week has been the fact that the Wii U will have a proper online community. If you think that means you'll be able to write "TITS" and draw rude things all over the place, though, you're wrong.

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dark-hollow2385d ago (Edited 2385d ago )

this only applies to messages on miiverse which EVERYONE can see!

i dont want spoilers and immature dick and tits drawings everwhere!
your private messages with your friends is still not monitored and not censored.

LAZL0-Panaflex2385d ago (Edited 2385d ago )

Hey i got an idea nintendo,...why don't you worry about not being lame.

Ps your press conference was crap.

xursz2385d ago

Don't be such a troll. I agree, though. Their press conference was horrible. It did absolutely nothing to convince me to buy their product. I don't know what the launch price will be but I bet if the Wii-U sells badly for the first few months they will slash the price just like the 3DS.

chanmasta2385d ago

You tell the guy to not be a troll, yet you write a paragraph explaining why you think the troll is correct.

Auron2385d ago

doesnt bother me i dont think I'll even get a wii u.

LAZL0-Panaflex2385d ago (Edited 2385d ago )

Im not gettin one. Im getting a ps4, and maybe the new xbox depending what kind of games it launches with and the specs.

If its just gears, halo, forza....for exclusives i'll skip it along with the wiiu.

I ruled out nintendo when they said "we're not adding hd to the wii just because americans want it". - guess what.....if you dont care about my dont get MY money. Plus the wiiu is sh1t anyways...even if nintendo didnt piss me off i wouldnt buy that dogsh1t. You cant tell me those graphics dont look like wii graphics.

The controller golf thing got my attention because you know it aint accurate. Wiiu and vita are wastes of time. The wiiu remote, the move and kinnect designed to take our hard earned money plain and simple and its obvious just by looking at that garage sale crap....Kinnect?!?, gimme a break. I loved 360 when it first came out...when kinnect came the 360 died in my eyes and i didnt like the new GRAY kinnect friendly dashboard.

The products are just sucky addons. You ever tried playing mag with the move? the gimmicky controller games suck, theyre not accurate, and the controllers are expensive.

AWBrawler2385d ago

dude this is good, unless you want to see a bunch of kids writing the word dick or penis everywhere

Toadmaster892385d ago

That's good, I dont want to see dicks everywhere anyways

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