Cloud gaming will replace consoles 'someday', says Microsoft

Cloud gaming will replace home consoles "someday", Microsoft has suggested, saying that the firm is "clearly invested [in] cloud distribution of content".

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DaThreats2179d ago

It will be after next-gen

morkendo232179d ago (Edited 2179d ago )

thats what they said about ONLIVE replacing consoles
they still here.
physical disc. will never be replace.
also ISP would charge arm an a leg for next-gen console speed to play online. rates would sky rocket
ISP,developer, publishers all want a cut.this is a bad ideal for consumers.

LightofDarkness2179d ago

I think only OnLive said that about OnLive. I recall many pundits and analysts saying "nice idea, but we're not there yet." I think pretty much all the gamers said that too.

As bad an idea as it is for consumers, it's a GREAT idea for the publishers and developers. It means gamers no longer have any local access to the software, they can just obscure everything. It means they'll have all the rights and all the power in the relationship.

So it is going to happen, because they'll make sure it does.

BrutallyBlunt2179d ago

That is true LightofDarkness. Once it's all in the cloud what is there to copy? That is the key to making sure all of the proceeds goes back to the developer/service provider and so on.

The fight in the future will not be about hardware specs, it will be about who provides the best service. All the while preventing piracy and used games. Those who refuse to adapt will try and steal accounts and break the servers. That's where the war lies ahead. The rest of us will either have to go along or miss out.

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Megaton2179d ago

Not as long as ISPs keep getting more greedy and restrictive.

Fishy Fingers2179d ago

ISP will have to heavily reduce caps or remove them all together by this point. Or customers will simply switch to another ISP.

If your still restricted by download limits, maybe you should spend 10 minutes looking else where. There are plenty of options.

ChunkyLover532179d ago

That is not exactly true. I live in Central Florida and there is only one ISP in my area, they also have a bandwidth cap of 150 gigs a month. The bad part is that even watching Youtube videos counts against this cap.

More ISP's are adding these caps because the overall internet cant take the kind of use that is going on now days, its too strained. Also, its a way to stop pirates from getting illegal downloads.

If anything, this is a trend that is increasing lately. I know half a dozen people who now have caps as well.

I just don't see how streaming games or Cloud will be the only option. If this is ever the case, it'll probably mean I've stopped gaming altogether.

Megaton2179d ago

That's not true at all. I live in Los Angeles and for about a decade there was only one option for broadband in my area. I'm just fortunate that they didn't cap. There are spots like that all over the country that aren't as fortunate, with their single available ISP capping. Comcast, America's biggest ISP, caps, and just about all the others have toyed with the notion at one point or another. There are entire industrialized countries where the internet is capped.

Unlimited internet is more of a luxury than you realize.

Kran2179d ago

Sure. Maybe when everybody in the world has "Infinity 2"

(me looking at an Infinity 2 BT advert right now... lol)

DigitalRaptor2179d ago (Edited 2179d ago )

No it won't. There will always be demand for the individual physical product. Removing that choice is something that will never happen. When paying £40 for a game I want to be able to physically hold that thing since that's the value I attach to it. Also, I don't want my gaming to be dependent on the Internet. What happens when you're disconnected? No gaming for u. Bad move!

It will become hugely popular, but not replace it entirely.

TLG19912179d ago

what about games that require a constant internet connection anyway that you have the disc for. like the up and coming sim city game. i know thats why theres alot of fuss about it but more and more games seem to be slowly going down this route and if the physical hard copy needs a constant internet connection why not just cloud it.
i am all for cloud but obviously within reason things need to be ironed out!

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