Arma 3 Demonstration

E3 2012: Don't miss out on this lengthy and detailed demonstration of Arma 3.

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ATi_Elite2109d ago

Just so mouth watering.

I can't believe how much they improved over Arma 2.

john22109d ago

Yeah. ArmA 3 looks really awesome and seems better optimized. Kudos to Bohemia

CaptCalvin2109d ago

Hopefully the campaign will be as deep as it was in the original OFP games.

kevnb2109d ago

i hope they make dayz for arma 3 soon after launch!

h311rais3r2109d ago

It's already running in the ARMA3 engine :3

shackdaddy2109d ago

I'm so excited. I'm buying a brand new GPU just for this :)

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The story is too old to be commented.