PlayStation Plus subscribers will now receive at least 3 titles a month

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe today announced an exciting update to PlayStation Plus that guarantees subscribers receive at least three full games a month from a selection of the very best titles from the PlayStation Store. The update will provide users with a wide variety of the hottest titles, at no additional cost.

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Bowzabub2230d ago

Thank you Sony.
Ooh rah!

guitarse2230d ago

And people ripped on PS+ before launch, its a better and better deal each month!

GribbleGrunger2230d ago

all i know is that my friends list is now peppered with yellow plus signs!!!

svoulis2229d ago

I have had PS+ since the beginning of it launching I have a 500GB Hard Drive in it. Needless to say its almost full because of all the free games they have given me.

Thank you Sony for this, at least I don't feel ripped off giving you money to play games online, on a service I already pay for (Optimum Online)

inveni02229d ago

Yeah, this is an awesome set up. Glad I bought a year. We've already got one game out of it. One more, and it's paid for itself.

Bowzabub2229d ago

You misspelled it. It's HHNNNGGG! (refer to your own attachment.).

ABizzel12229d ago

They're giving too much stuff away at a time, I need to buy a new HDD, because mine's is already full :(

cjflora2229d ago

Those damn first world problems, lol. "Sony stop, I don't have space for this!!!"

Summons752229d ago

4 games a month...that in order to keep playing you need to pay per month to thanks sony I'll just by the physical copy at the store for one price

svoulis2229d ago (Edited 2229d ago )

I have a lot of physical copies that went free recently, If anything it is just more convenient to have a few of them installed.

Pay per month? You pay less than you do for a year of Xbox service, and you actually get something out of it.

Did you also know that if you have PS+ you get early beta access to any and all games that have beta? So thats also another positive.

I agree though I do like Physical copies because I collect games, but its still a nice feature and awesome of them to do.

Haha there seems to be a troll already. Disagreeing with everyone who says something good about PS+. Look douche, you can't complain when something is given to you far more than the value of which you pay for the service.

Someone must be butthurt that they don't have mommies credit card, or they do not have a PS3. Who knows.

Just to clarify Summons75, I am not saying you are the troll just saying that someone is going around disagreeing with everything.

jwk942229d ago

that beta one isnt true...we only get access to SOME betas.

jwk942229d ago

Why am I getting disagrees? Go look at the features list, we don't get access to all betas. It's just priority over normal PSN members.

neutralgamer192229d ago

I told all my plus friends tht weren't aware and they were like what? They couldn't believe it lol and they all sent me thank you messages.

The haters always hate but at the end of the day sony pleases consumers 90% of the time. This is a clear example Ive already downloaded lbp2 and inf2 two triple A titles and soon will download clank and a few others.

I'm so excited to see what other games are coming out next month.

Man_Among_Mice2229d ago

So far I've downloaded Infamous 2, LBP2, VF5:Final Showdown, Just Cause 2, Saints Row 2, and Sideway NY.

Lovin Sony right now!!! So many games, So little time!!!

lilmetal2229d ago

Are you telling me that I'll never need to buy a game again...?!

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The story is too old to be commented.