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Submitted by guitarse 1339d ago | news

PlayStation Plus subscribers will now receive at least 3 titles a month

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe today announced an exciting update to PlayStation Plus that guarantees subscribers receive at least three full games a month from a selection of the very best titles from the PlayStation Store. The update will provide users with a wide variety of the hottest titles, at no additional cost. (PS3, Sony, Sony Computer Entertainment)

Bowzabub  +   1339d ago
Thank you Sony.
Ooh rah!
guitarse  +   1339d ago
And people ripped on PS+ before launch, its a better and better deal each month!
GribbleGrunger  +   1339d ago
all i know is that my friends list is now peppered with yellow plus signs!!!
svoulis  +   1339d ago
I have had PS+ since the beginning of it launching I have a 500GB Hard Drive in it. Needless to say its almost full because of all the free games they have given me.

Thank you Sony for this, at least I don't feel ripped off giving you money to play games online, on a service I already pay for (Optimum Online)
inveni0  +   1339d ago
Yeah, this is an awesome set up. Glad I bought a year. We've already got one game out of it. One more, and it's paid for itself.
Omnislash  +   1339d ago

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Bowzabub  +   1339d ago
You misspelled it. It's HHNNNGGG! (refer to your own attachment.).
ABizzel1  +   1339d ago
They're giving too much stuff away at a time, I need to buy a new HDD, because mine's is already full :(
dgonza40  +   1339d ago

I love it
cjflora  +   1339d ago
Those damn first world problems, lol. "Sony stop, I don't have space for this!!!"
thesummerofgeorge  +   1339d ago
Sony pls.
Summons75  +   1339d ago
4 games a month...that in order to keep playing you need to pay per month to thanks sony I'll just by the physical copy at the store for one price
svoulis  +   1339d ago
I have a lot of physical copies that went free recently, If anything it is just more convenient to have a few of them installed.

Pay per month? You pay less than you do for a year of Xbox service, and you actually get something out of it.

Did you also know that if you have PS+ you get early beta access to any and all games that have beta? So thats also another positive.

I agree though I do like Physical copies because I collect games, but its still a nice feature and awesome of them to do.

Haha there seems to be a troll already. Disagreeing with everyone who says something good about PS+. Look douche, you can't complain when something is given to you far more than the value of which you pay for the service.

Someone must be butthurt that they don't have mommies credit card, or they do not have a PS3. Who knows.

Just to clarify Summons75, I am not saying you are the troll just saying that someone is going around disagreeing with everything.
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jwk94  +   1339d ago
that beta one isnt true...we only get access to SOME betas.
jwk94  +   1339d ago
Why am I getting disagrees? Go look at the features list, we don't get access to all betas. It's just priority over normal PSN members.
neutralgamer19  +   1339d ago
I told all my plus friends tht weren't aware and they were like what? They couldn't believe it lol and they all sent me thank you messages.

The haters always hate but at the end of the day sony pleases consumers 90% of the time. This is a clear example Ive already downloaded lbp2 and inf2 two triple A titles and soon will download clank and a few others.

I'm so excited to see what other games are coming out next month.
Man_Among_Mice  +   1339d ago
So far I've downloaded Infamous 2, LBP2, VF5:Final Showdown, Just Cause 2, Saints Row 2, and Sideway NY.

Lovin Sony right now!!! So many games, So little time!!!
lilmetal  +   1339d ago
Are you telling me that I'll never need to buy a game again...?!
TLG1991  +   1339d ago
infamous 2, motorstorm apocalypse, and LBP2 ........................ i already own them ALL :( never mind theres plenty more to chose from. i hope
GribbleGrunger  +   1339d ago
sell them and download them for free! Sony's not only giving you free games, they're letting you make money.

i bet you spend more than £40 a year on games
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TLG1991  +   1339d ago
i spend A HELL OF A LOT MORE than £40 a year on games and i mean A F**KING LOT MORE lol but i love it. i may just sell them or just download them and keep my copies i have a strange addiction to keeping them in some sort of collection way, i like to collect games like people collect stamps or coins lol
Fylus  +   1339d ago
That is a GREAT way to put it. I mean, on average I buy about 3-4 retail games a year. Let's say 4 (Four). That's what... $240 a year? Jesus...

OR, as a Plus member, I could get 40 (FORTY) some games for just 50 bucks? Hell yes.
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omi25p  +   1339d ago
£40?? im on £200 just for MAY
ziggurcat  +   1339d ago
oh man... i'm going to need a bigger HDD :(

@ summons75:

honestly, who cares if you don't keep it when you're donw with the service. it takes anyone a maximum of 2 weeks to completely finish a game these days (by completely, i mean get the platinum). and frankly, once i'm done with a game, i don't play it again, so it doesn't matter if i don't keep the game once my subscription expires. on tuesday, i downloaded $100 worth of video games from the store because i'm a PS+ member... that's *$100* that i didn't have to spend on games i really wanted to play. if you don't think that's a good deal, then there's something wrong with you (or you're just way too attached to your games to want to get rid of them).
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PirateThom  +   1339d ago
I'm actually really happy with this first lot of games... I wanted to play Motorstorm Apocalypse, Strangers Wrath and Space Marine and I didn't even have to pay extra for them.
Fel08  +   1339d ago
That's freaking awesome. Thanks Sony. Guess I'm going to have to update my HDD from 500GB to 1TB.
dorron  +   1339d ago
PSN+ it's far from perfect, but still it's becoming a valuable service.
kikizoo  +   1339d ago
It was a valuable service before all the new free stuff..

10 games, including exclusives who are better than anything you can play on others consoles (lbp2, infamous2, etc), now it just a huge gift...
jizzyjones  +   1339d ago
I wouldn't mind Resistance3, Sony :)
shammgod  +   1339d ago
Me too, but I won't anticipate this for a while.
Myst  +   1339d ago
Well no longer do I need to rent from Family Video really :)
paddystan  +   1339d ago
Crossing my fingers for Resistance 3. That would be awesome!
svoulis  +   1339d ago
The way that it seems to be going, I am sure it will happen. Sony needs to push their Exclusives and give users a taste of what they've been missing. They tried it with the 1 hour trial of full games. But in most cases that wasn't enough.

I feel this is the best move to try and push their exclusives, and it may work.

Resistance is a great series, and I own all of the games. I would even be excited if they made it Free, just so others can experience it.
AgreeFairy  +   1339d ago
PS+ sounds good for people who don't play games. If you do play games then most of the time the titles they "give" are just games you've played months or years ago already.
Canas2010  +   1339d ago
That's not true for everyone. I play a crap load of games. i do not believe in buying games and then not playing them because I have too many. I have kids, a wife, a band, a job, friends, and a bunch of other stuff. If all I had to do all day was game then yeah, I would have all of these already. But, I don't have unlimited gaming time.
Hicken  +   1339d ago
You make it sound as if the only people who play games buy every single game as soon as it comes out, and KEEP every game.

I'm ashamed to say I don't have inFamous 2 anymore. But instead of having to buy it, I can now get it for free. That's how I picked up LBP, as well.

Your idea of what it means to be someone who "plays games" is really odd. But I'm not surprised.
Myst  +   1339d ago
Not really. A few of the games I haven't played and some of which I did want to play W40K:SM I didn't want to buy again because I had it on Steam. Yet my friends had it for PS3 so through PS+ I was able to play with them. Not to mention Infamous 2 I never played. Or Rachet Or LBP2, hell a large majority of them I haven't played. Good for those of us who forgot about these titles and never bought them or B. Never had the money to buy them at the time.
Canas2010  +   1339d ago
I sat in the corner in a pool of tears from all of the HDD space I am going to lose downloading all of these games I have been meaning to play, and they are free (well sortof free). Sony is really bringing the pain. I just am a little tired of the XMB. I almost want everything to be accessed through home if they can do it right though. I Still appreciate the XMB though.
LakerGamerEnthusiast  +   1339d ago
Good God am i dreaming? SONY didn't just say this :o i am going to need a bigger HDD cuz this one wont be able to do it no more :(

here's a tip guys, the games that they award us and if you have a copy already, or have a platinumed game your done with, sell those on ebay or amazon and use the money to get yourself a 1TB or 500GB HDD :) HAPPY GAMING!
claterz  +   1339d ago
Gonna subscribe now for 1 year, but I only have 1GB left on my hard drive :(
Anyone know the cheapest 500GB+ HDD for PS3 in UK? Looking for something less than £50 if possible.
guitarse  +   1339d ago
check out or, I highly recommend either, especially CCL, drop them a message on their site and they will show you what you want for a ps3 :)
Rainstorm81  +   1339d ago
There's a 1TB HDD on Amazon for 100$...that what I'm getting , that should hold me off for te rest of this gen....currently I have a 320gb and between movies musiv games and ps+ I'm juggling space
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claterz  +   1339d ago
Thanks, but I just went for this 500GB from Amazon

Hopefully new consoles will be coming out next year so I shouldn't need this HDD for a long time lol. That's why I didn't go for 1TB.

Just one thing I'm confused about now though is how to transfer data from the current HDD to the new one. I bought a HDD caddy so will I be able to use that to back up data onto the new HDD?
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Swiftcricket  +   1339d ago
This finally makes me want PS+ but could someone that already has it let me know if it allows you to save ALL games saves to Cloud? I would have to upgrade my HDD to take advantage of this but last time I did that I lost a lot of data due to not all saves being copy protected.
LakerGamerEnthusiast  +   1339d ago
Yeah, all games can be saved as long as they fit. PS+ cloud saving gives you 150 mb of space I believe, and you can set it to automatic update so it does it for you :)
Swiftcricket  +   1339d ago
Alright great, thank you very much. :)
BitbyDeath  +   1339d ago
Great to hear this will be a regular thing. I used to download most things from plus but now with these huge games coming in i'm gonna have to be a little bit more picky.
Gamer_of_the_Year  +   1339d ago

Love. Live. Sony.

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