Lords of Shadow dev “Castlevania’s been around since 1986, that’s where we’re coming from”

Responding to criticism that Castlevania: Lords of Shadow was too linear producer Dave Cox explains that the game was an homage to the earlier Castlevanias than the DS incarnations.

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Patriots_Pride2234d ago (Edited 2234d ago )

1986! Holly f#$k I was 48 in that year - great time to be a gamer then.

phantomexe2234d ago

Sotn may of had cv at the top of the box but it wasnt a cv game. I'm not saying it was bad just not the castlevania game of old. cv 3 was the game i enjoyed the most.

Sheep4life2234d ago

I enjoyed Castlevania LoS, and I hope with the technology that we currently have that they will continue to make these type of games. I'm not saying that I did not enjoy Symphony of the Night or Aria of Sorrow, but this series needs an action/ adventure/ slash/ story to open up the history on the series. I have been a fan of Castlevania since 1986, and my favorite version until LoS was Castlevania 2 Simons quest. Also, Lament of Innocence was good too. The main problem that I have with story driven games is that they are too short, and they add a weak multiplayer aspect to it to make up for the shortcomings. Every game out now must have some type of multiplayer aspect to it, or some weak on Disc DLC. Please drop the weak multiplayer and day one or on disc DLC, and make the games larger. Stop being greedy and trying to make every console developer happy. If it take 4 discs or a dual layer blu ray, than so be it. In my opinion, that's why the industry is where it is today. Thanks Dave Cox and keep pushing gaming forward instead of backwards. Heaven forbid that I wake up one day, and I have to yell pew pew pew and jump up and down five times to get my character to jump the upcoming chasm on a rail, or I have to flail my arms like a moron to get my avatar to kill the said mob in front of me. Keep the controllers and keep it real.. thanks.