E3 2012: Anything Wii U Can Do, PS Vita Can Do Better

Well, maybe not necessarily better (since Wii U has time to prove its worth), but definitely sooner! Last year, Nintendo no doubt stole E3 with their announcement and official unveiling of their next console, Wii U. However, the highlight was the console’s controller. In fact, the multifunctional controller was focused on so heavily that many people were confused and believed that Wii U was just the tablet-styled controller. That should speak leagues about how much Nintendo believes in their newest offering and the possibilities it contains, but is Sony already moving in on their market?

Sony believes in the PlayStation Vita (despite some less-than-impressive sales numbers), so much in fact, that they are finding ways to pair the handheld to their existing console. We’ve seen Remote Play, cross-platform play, interesting cooperative mechanics and video service announcements for the handheld. Just take a look at PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, Sly Cooper: Theieves in Time and the newly-announced patch for LittleBigPlanet 2 for an idea of the PS3/Vita connection. All of these features are exactly the same as the features Nintendo has been proudly going on about for a year now. The issue lies in the fact that Nintendo is trying to hype people about features and mechanics that their new console is built around when Sony is making all of these available now.

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KUV19772142d ago

I think it can, but it never will on a large scale, so it's kind of irrelevant.

miyamoto2142d ago

PSP hackers beg to differ, mate.


that's MGS4 running on PSV

If these punks can implement it I am sure Sony also can.

KUV19772142d ago

The hackers differ with 'SONY can but won't bring it'? Weired those hackers.

As I said: 'I think it can' but I am also sure SONY will never bring it. And I am even less talking about remote play but about asymetrical gameplay. They were talking about it when the PS3 was new and they said 'Look, you can use the PSP as a rear view mirror' - never happened. Now they have one DLC for Little Big Planet that supports this asymetrical gameplay but unless every single PS3 owner goes nuts for it and buys a VITA SONY will not bring that on a large scale. And why would they? Why invest lots of money to implement a feature for VITA and PS3 if only so few people would ever use it. Nintendo on the other hand delivers their pad with every single console sold, so logically developers can use it, because they know, every player has one, whereas on the PS3 players would be annoyed that they would miss out or would be forced to buy a VITA. While I would love to be wrong, I am pretty sure this is where it's going.
So Nintendo won't have to care about it at all, because the PS3-VITA combination is not a thread in any mannor.

miyamoto2142d ago

like the LBP2 DLC ... the Cross Controller feature is a little firmware update away ...

KUV19772142d ago

Of course there will be single games that will support it but it won't take of for SONY because too little people have a VITA.
What exactly do you mean with cross-controller? Using the VITA as a regular controller wouldn't bring anything new and bringing it as a touchscreen controller would only be usefull if developers added features for it, which only very few would do because to few people own a VITA and it would be wasted development time and money and more annoyed players that couldn't use the new features... I love both my PS3 and VITA but SONY is really not on top of these things. Look at how move is extremely great hardware, better than Wii or Kinect (at least in my eyes) but it isn't ever used in a way that one could get really exited. The VITA as controller is just another of these stories. As I said, I'd love to be wrong, but I don't see SONY really bring it...

Sithlord-Gamble2142d ago

Theyve actually already implemented this feature for UMvsC ... provided you own the game for both systems. (Ps3/vita)

dark-hollow2142d ago

thats being said times again and again.
it wont be supported as much as the wii u because the system itself is not being built around it.

some first party developers and couple third party would, but thats it. you need to consider that not every ps3 owner have a vita, and EVERY potential wii u owner will have the controller.

its like the move and the wiimote, whos much supported? easily the wiimote is being used a tons more games than the move because the system is being built around that.

SilentNegotiator2142d ago

The Vita pretty much has the same components as the WiiU (plus multitouch. lol, What kind of modern touchscreen doesn't have multitouch?). I figure it could do most of the things seen in that Zombie game. And you really wouldn't need to use it with the ps3 or whatever to do most of those things. Lots of possibilities with Vita and WiiU; as for them actually being well and frequently'll see.

SilentNegotiator2141d ago (Edited 2141d ago )

I look forward to someone intelligently counter-arguing the things I said, to fit the disagrees.

*Dies of old age*

But seriously, the Vita and WiiU basically have the same components and could pretty much do the same things, even with Vita as a stand-alone. I don't see how anyone could argue otherwise. But if I am wrong, I'd like to see someone say SOMETHING.

homer2141d ago

You make yourself look stupid if you blindly try to call out anonymous people who disagreed with you.

ChronoJoe2142d ago

Maybe Sony are waiting to roll this type of thing out for PS4 or something? that'd be my guess. The isn't designed that well and the remote play system needs an overhaul ideally.

The way data is transferred through remoteplay is very inefficient. If Sony have partnered with a cloud gaming service like gaikai they could implement their compression and data transfer methods to remoteplay between PS3 and Vita to produce something vastly superior to remote play in its current form.

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GribbleGrunger2142d ago

what i'm most interested in is the LBP2 integration! you can make a game on the PS3 and have hidden level sections. when you drop down these you drop into the Vita and carry on!!!! then you can bounce back onto the big screen... the possibilities are endless here

newn4gguy2142d ago

Thank you! A man with vision!

ChronoJoe2142d ago

Whilst that's interesting I'd rather make a good PS3 exclusive level which more than 5% of LBP players could actually play.

My vita related levels will be made on LBP Vita.

Devinchi332141d ago

I'm not disagreeing that it's a cool feature, but I did the same thing with Zelda Four Swords Adventures on my Gamecube and GBA.

GribbleGrunger2141d ago (Edited 2141d ago )

you could design levels and games in Zelda Four Swords?! why wasn't this feature advertised?

Khordchange2142d ago

too bad it's selling really badly

WetN00dle692142d ago

Highly Doubtful but whatever makes the fanboys happy.

Hicken2142d ago

Why do you doubt it? It's already been shown that the Vita can connect with the PS3; it wouldn't take much for the very things the Wii U is capable of to be done on the Vita/PS3.

Are you saying you doubt they WILL do it? I doubt it'll be for EVERY game, or even for most. But it's like Soldierone says below: options. There's no way Sony would pass up on the chance to have more options. That's what Sony fans love about them: the variety they bring to gaming.

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