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The story exposition is good, with Max constantly talking or quipping one liners, although the cut-scenes are presented very differently, bearing more resemblance to the deliberate mess that was Kane & Lynch 2 than the film noir of the first two games. It’s much more brash and typically Rockstar, and whilst the quality of the plot and acting is excellent, I was disappointed that the game leaves much of the noir and darker side to the games behind."

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TLG19912083d ago

"The game is poorly checkpointed, and overly difficult, which leads to a lot of frustration, especially as painkillers are few and far between"

really!? i didn't find the game overly difficult at all why the hell would i want to play a game i want to fly through running into every enemy and not dying and just spraying everywhere. i want a challenge i want to be made to get behind cover crawl around and scavenge for painkillers (health). whats with reviews these days saying games are to hard, its like WTF put the difficulty down to easy if your not good enough lol

IanBear2083d ago

To me that's not a problem on the harder difficulties, but it is on easy/ normal.

Playing through a lot of games per year makes me, at least in my own mind, better at games than the majority that will play this title. If I got frustrated on the default difficulty then mr average will definitely. Also, I feel like there were large spikes in difficulty and a lot of variety in checkpoint length, neither of which are particularly great design decisions in modern games.