Resident Evil 6: More than 30 minutes of new gameplay footage

A Resident Evil fansite published more than 30 minutes of new Resident Evil 6 gameplay footage.

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felidae2262d ago

it's so sad to see what's happening to the Resident Evil franchise.

Silent Hill Downpour might have it's technical issues but it's a better horror game than Resi 5 and probably 6 combined.

back to the roots capcom ... please!

egidem2262d ago

If only your wish were to be granted.

All they (Capcom) want is a quick cash grab, one way being through their outrageous DLCs. Another way of doing this is making a game appeal to a broader audience by making it easier - remove the challenging survivor horror aspect for an easier block-buster action oriented theme. Slap a survival-horror sticker on it then call it a day.

This is sadly a trend that's happening with this specific genre. EA is also taking a similar route, for example. The first Dead Space was awesome. Dead Space 3 has co-op. Don't get me wrong, a co-op experience is fun, but it kind of ruins the horror aspect where it's lonely vulnerable you vs the scary stuff out there. It means if you get into trouble you won't worry that much - your co-op buddy will save you and vice versa.

Sadly knowing this is Capcom, they have an excellent track record for not giving a flying fcuk about what their fanbase really wants. I could've sworn I saw some cover system and vaulting over obstacles in the new Resident Evil 6....WTF Capcom?? They are single-handedly killing this franchise!

ladybug72262d ago

i thought RE6 e3 demo looked so awesome

kent800820072262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

Those are not zombies, those are just blood soaked tissue paper!

In the past: Shit, run out of bullets and still can't kill one zombie!
Nowadays: F*ck yeah bitch see me choke you with my biceps!

*sigh* At least the Leon storyline shows a bit promise, otherwise I wouldn't even consider picking this up...