Dark Souls PC will have "minimal mouse and keyboard support"

Dark Souls producer Daisuke Uchiyama explains why PC gamers should use a joypad.

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decrypt2235d ago

PC gamers do use Control pad, depends from game to game. Infact we have choices to use various different control pads, more than any other platform infact.

RedDead2235d ago

Yeah I use 360 pad most of the time.

Blacktric2234d ago

"Because it's so finely tuned, we'd like PC players to use the gamepad. We'll have minimal keyboard and mouse support."

Oh boy... I hope they put a dog turd in the box too. Because so far, that is the only thing that seems missing to make this an even more embarrasing port...

Mariusmssj2235d ago

I think many PC gamers have controllers(I do), if the game is a bad port and has horrible mouse controls i tend to use my 360 controller. But this is no excuse for not trying to make good mouse and keyboard support

ATi_Elite2235d ago (Edited 2235d ago )

Lets see what i have:

Regular KB
Mechanical KB
Laser mouse
Optical mouse
Logitech PS3 controller
PS3 Dual shock 3 controller
Wii Motes
Sega Genesis 6 button Stick controller (great for Street fighter )
Genius Twin Wheel F1 and pedals
Thrustmaster Hotas Cougar PC Flight Stick

Yep PC Gamers use controllers too.

So very sad that Dark Souls is just another CRAPPY CONSOLE port. They should of taken their time to do it right.

Remedy did a pretty good job with Alan Wake and look how well it sold on PC.

From Software did a crappy port and will blame Piracy for low PC sales. Go Figure!

Also Dark Souls Gamepad control is NOT perfected, The game at many times has horrible collision detection leading to the player stuck in walls or steps and bad camera angels.

Mariusmssj2235d ago

I agree!

And i think people won't mind if they take more time to optimise it and make it better. They have set the date for release not the gamers who wanted the port

BlackPrince 422235d ago

From isn't a major developer. They don't have the time and money to do a proper port.

You may be right about the piracy, would it would be really sad for From to go to the trouble of porting it and that's what people do.

If piracy is rampant you can be sure From won't port their next game to PC.

atticus142235d ago

while it will be a port, i think these expectations are way too high. They are practically a slighter larger than indie dev that struck a little gold with this series, which is probably why they are willing to do this port in the first place and they dont have any specific PC experience to help them.

because of the hype surrounding the game, some people make it seem like its a AAA game with a large budget and the developers are just "cheaping out" but its really just a small dev team doing the best they can within a timeframe, it would be a shame if people didnt support them, thats a sure fire way to turn them off from further and probably better PC development in the future.

Im sure they would like to refine this game but they probably need to seek/work on their next source of income and doing an enhanced port just isnt in their budget. You have to remember they are only doing this because of a internet petition that was made by gamers.

GamingPerson2235d ago

I think making an unexpected pc port + making a new game might be hard.

NYC_Gamer2235d ago

I'll use my 360 controller

TopDudeMan2235d ago

This would be one of the few games where using a mouse and keyboard would be a disadvantage. I'd definitely be using the gamepad.

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The story is too old to be commented.