Criterion: NFS Most Wanted has 'all the best sh*t from Burnout'

All signs point to a spiritual successor to Burnout Paradise as Criterion talks Most Wanted.

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portal_22260d ago

Yeah this could be the first NFS I'll play since carbon.

morkendo232260d ago (Edited 2260d ago )

this is what wrong with MOSTWANTED to much Burnout style and no identity of NEED FOR SPEED.
WHERE is the old NEED FOR SPEED formula that made us NEED to play NEED FOR SPEED?? EA give NEED FOR SPEED either back to blackbox studio or another developer.
criterion games seem to be stuck on making every racing game like burnout which is EXTREMELY bad.

Redempteur2260d ago

How can i disagree more

Hot pursuit was great ..
criterion know at least how to give you police chases that are fun ( i'm looking at you THE RUN ... such a boring game )

chasegarcia2260d ago

I want n4speed not burnout.

S_C2259d ago

Hope they bring customizable cars to online and pink slips online

Cosmit2258d ago

The fact that it looks like burnout and the fact that its Criterion is even bringing stuff over from Burnout is what's turning me off. I want a NFS. Not a burnout experience.

I completely agree with Morkendo23. What Criterion touches generally turns into a Burnout experience. That's not a bad thing though. The games are great. But I want a NFS experience. I loved Most Wanted and Underground. That's what I want. This is NFS: Most Wanted, NOT Burnout: Most Wanted.

Hope to see more gameplay and customization options that will prove me wrong!

StreetsofRage2260d ago

I still play Need for Speed Hot Pursuit. Great arcade racing.

listenkids2260d ago


RioKing2260d ago

EA dropped customization from the NFS games. Until they decide to bring it back, you won't see another Underground title :/

Blacktric2260d ago

It looked like a Burnout game instead of a Need For Speed game anyway...

MaximusPrime2260d ago

does Burnout have police?

I'm talking about AI police chasing you.

Blacktric2260d ago

Did Most Wanted have a destruction focused gameplay? Did Most Wanted have a less flashy car tuning options overall? Thought so...

MaximusPrime2259d ago

Bloody hell, you really don't know a thing about games. This games wasn't demonstrated at E3 and wasn't meant to be a final, finished product. It was a demo of what to expect.

EA confirmed that this is like Burnout but much bigger. In another word burnout with police.

As for customisation, I wasn't expecting an announcement at E3. Too early to say if it will have customisation or not. Game due to release end of October and beginning of November. That's 4 to 5 months away.

Wait till next gaming show before you judge.

Hayabusa 1172260d ago

There are takedowns. I'm buying it.

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The story is too old to be commented.