DMC Devil May Cry: Gameplay Video shows epic Bossfight

Check out a new gameplay video of DMC Devil May Cry, showing an epic Bossfight.

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trickman8882174d ago

That boss battle was terrible. "Epic"? Lmao. Compared to previous Devil May Cry games, that boss battle was far from it.

theWB272174d ago

Wasn't epic, but at least the hands reacted when they were hit. I don't understand that same tired adage that the bigger the boss the better, unless it's fundamentally built into the premise like GOW3. Why do developers continue to have us play one way, then totally flip it when a boss encounter happens. Hey, there's nothing wrong with a fighter our size. Game still looks fun though.

Tony-Red-Grave2174d ago

i agree you here. i HATED fights like brial, or however it was spelled basically the first real boss for nero, in the old games. That was mainly due to the fact that they were easy to kill with attacks that could be dodged easily. Though not all big bosses were like that, see Mundus.

Fights like NeloAngelo,The despair embodied, and Vergil where the some of the most memorable ones because the boss had human like bodies and moved much quicker dealing alot more damage, like shoa kahn in MK compared to kintaro/goro.

But the larva boss looks like it could be good and not some boss you can just button mash and kill as if it was easy. It's sorta like cerberus you would think it's easy but once you play it if you go in mashing you'd be killed in no time.

Oh yes WB just thought you should know this was a SUB-BOSS i lol at the people who fought and died sevral times against this thinking it was a full on boss.

Lucretia2174d ago

exactly, human sized bosses are always funner. its why the vergil fight was one of the best in the series, nero vs dante was cool too

theWB272174d ago

Sub-boss, so im guessing the boss boss will be even bigger? Ninja Gaiden was really bad at that too. For fcks sake fire armadillo thing quit rolling around, oh wait theres 2 of you!? Dammit!

Tony-Red-Grave2174d ago

doesn't have to mean bigger though who knows. Mundus in DmC isn't some fat ugly larva so the skys the limit. Hopefully they throw in human bodied bosses though because that would make me pre order the game.

Some people probably need more then that but im content with smaller bosses xD.

D3mons0ul2174d ago (Edited 2174d ago )

DMC has never had to rely on physically atrocious bosses until now.

nvm, this isn't DMC, my mistake

Tony-Red-Grave2174d ago

D3mos you must've never fought against griffin,mundus,nightmare,arkha m,and theres a few more but i can't remember i haven't played 1-3 in awhile now

ThanatosDMC2174d ago

DMD Mundus was one of the hardest bosses i've ever fought. Way harder than DMD Nightmare 3.

theWB272174d ago

I didnt get to experience any DMC other than with Nero, i half remember that game. I need to get that again come to think of it, maybe the HD too.

Tony-Red-Grave2174d ago

DmC doen't release till January 15 so you could get both. Or get DMC4 cheap if you want.

Bimkoblerutso2174d ago (Edited 2174d ago )

Well, I suppose at this point there's nothing they could possibly do to persuade the hardcore "fans" that this game is anything other than a bastardization of the franchise.

I'm kind of past the point of caring though, because aside from the slightly annoying characterization for Dante, the game is looking incredibly good in my opinion.

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