Dead Space 3: Pure Gameplay Footage Emerged

Check out new gameplay footage of Dead Space 3.

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Cajun Chicken2262d ago

That looks more like the Dead Space I know and love.

Biohazard88602262d ago

Im glad when u play single player there is no AI with you very cool :)

Cajun Chicken2262d ago

I wonder if it's got the rumoured split personlity of Issac in it as early leaks said? Nearly everything else which was leaked turned out to be true at E3.

I really liked that idea. It could also help in areas which are designed for co-op or to have the other personality help you out in firefights, only to vanish with Issac wondering how he killed all those people because he knows the other Issac isn't real. That would be cool. It would make Issac seem more unstable than before.

I mean, the guy already got dragged by a tentacle that didn't exist in the second one and someone that wasn't actually there helped him open a door once...

Biohazard88602262d ago

That would be pretty kick ass

DeadSpaced2262d ago

This has made me very glad. :D

Ethereal2262d ago

This makes me feel much better than the EA presser footage. Looking forward to it.