The 10 biggest games of E3 – the ‘can’t miss’ essentials of this year’s show

E3 2012 has just begun in many ways (chronologically, for one), but already we’ve been treated to some stars-to-be for PS3. It’s time to sit back, pour a glass of Brandy and take stock of the most impressive showings from Los Angeles so far.

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StreetsofRage2302d ago (Edited 2302d ago )

Good list. The title of this article should be "The 10 biggest games of E3 for a PS3 owner."

I'm glad they put God of War Ascension above The Last of Us. Not sure why everybody is going googoo for gaga for The Last of Us. I thought GOW Ascension was a better showing. WarDogs should easily be number 1 tho'

pwneddemocrat2302d ago

Spot on lol.
Although i am happy that i got a 360 also because Halo4 seemed cool.

But yea, PS3 had the majority of games.

Gonna buy all those games and screw student loan.

deep_fried_bum_cake2302d ago

Well they are OPM so they don't really need to say for a PS3 owner. It's sorta implied.