E3 2012: IO apologises for Hitman trailer, is “surprised” by response

Danish developer IO Interactive has apologised to those who were offended by its recent trailer for Hitman: Absolution.

The short, which featured Agent 47 taking out a group of sexually provocative killer nuns, elicited a strong reaction from some consumers and parts of the games press.

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kerwood912081d ago

The trailer wasn't that bad haha!

rdgneoz32081d ago

It wasn't that bad, I think it was more that they were having to go the sex route and have the nuns strip to their underwear. Kind of a "you've fallen this low that you're having to use sex to sell" sort of thing. The stealth kills in the video were pretty nice, just the sexual tones killed it a bit.

cogniveritas2081d ago

It's not "low" to use violence to sell then? To me, exposed skin does not = sex.

Just for fun, can you spot the irony in the following sentence? "The stealth kills in the video were pretty nice, just the sexual tones killed it a bit."

Stealth (kills) = (nice)
(sexual) tones = (killed it) a bit

I won't pretend that I don't understand what you meant though, Hitman was always about the stealth and the kills, everything else is just a distraction.

Ace_Pheonix2081d ago

I was surprised too. Just off of the top of my head, Lolipop Chainsaw or Dead or Alive both portray sexual themes that seem more charged than IOs. Maybe it's because he's killing them? And they are wearing slutty nun outfits?

Whitefeather2081d ago

It's probably the nun outfits. I'm not christian myself but I can see where the anger is coming from.

Saryk2081d ago

I am Christian and I don't see the anger. If the women were wearing diapers doesnt make them babies. People need to either have something to do than worry about a damn trailer or burn a big fat joint!

wallis2081d ago

It's because a game called lollipop chainsaw invites that but no one wants it from hitman. I enjoyed the stealth kills and the violence was fun. I just groaned when I saw the nuns strip down. Not only do I not need my fix from a game trailer but having been taught by nuns I've never even considered it a sexy topic.

Either way this is less a case of people kicking off over violence and more comparable to seeing Dark Knight Rises cast Tracy Jordan as Robin. It's just not what you want to hear from a favoured franchise.

IIC0mPLeXII2081d ago

IO doesn't need to apologize for shit, I have no idea where this backlash is coming from.

TruthSeeker2081d ago

People will literally complain about anything

kerwood912081d ago

That is the society we have create and now me must live in it

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