Diablo III was “tuned for a single player” experience

In a discussion with the Diablo III community, Blizzard developer Wyatt Cheng explains the hidden workings of the Diablo loot drop system and how it interacts with the auction house.

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NovusTerminus2175d ago ShowReplies(1)
VsAssassin2175d ago

I'm sorry, but I only game when I have time, and when this time gets blockaded by a maintenance, or an overloaded server, I lose that game time. If this is what Blizzard had in mind in terms of "single player focus" then I don't want to game offline again.

Now I'm sure many hackers will find a way to custom the game in such a way that Diablo 3 can be played without internet connection.

Drekken2175d ago

Wow... a company wants to protect their product from thieves... lets not buy it! Mature and rational thinking.

Diablo to me has always been a coop experience. Diablo 1, not so much... but 2 was and I'm glad 3 is too.

DeleteThisxx2174d ago


A PC game where you need to be connected to the internet... god forbid. Last I checked, most people buy a computer with the intent of being connected to the Internet 24/7. The maintenance issues are few and far in between now and whenever the servers DO go down, you can expect some great updates added to the game to enhance the experience. People are babies.

ninjahunter2174d ago

I cant believe people are defending blizzard. Diablo 3 has all ready been cracked, Blzzard is actively doing nothing to protect their product anymore other than inconvenience their actual fans. Not everyone is always connected to the internet, not everyone has a stable internet connection. And not being able to play me game for a security system that has already been bypassed is blasphemy.

hellvaguy2173d ago

If you cannot afford to connect to the internet, then you should be working more hours to afford the net and less complaining about your crappy connection.

ninjahunter2173d ago

In some areas, especially here towards the west coast there are litterally no stable options for internet, I could make 3 million dollars a year and it wouldnt make a difference.

And I have an 18 meg connection, im just speaking from experience, there are hundreds of thousands of people, including gamers who dont have a stable internet connect with no solution.