EA working on '3 to 5' original next-gen games

EA has confirmed it's working on "between three and five" new IPs for next-generation consoles.

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Pandemic1937d ago

Bring it on, I need next-gen consoles now.

WeskerChildReborned1937d ago

Yea, i wan't more improved gameplay as well as visuals. Also hoping that with Next Gen, they will be able to make longer storys cause on average, the storys are like 6-12 hours for most video games.

tigertron1937d ago

Mirror's Edge 2 as a launch title? PLEEEEAAAASE EA.

FlashXIII1937d ago

New IPs from EA? *shocked*

DeadlyFire1937d ago

2012 must be doomsday. I never expected EA of all people to make New Ips. Now its up to 5?

I am thinking if this is true its mostly related to their Bioware studios. As really they have been the only ones to create anything new besides Mirror's Edge.

Disccordia1937d ago

Army of Two
Dead Space
Dante's Inferno
Dragon Age
Mirror's Edge

Off the top of my head these are new IPs for the main consoles this gen. They have also published some MMOs and stuff on Wii like Boom Blox etc.

EA are certainly no worse than any other gaming company.

DeadlyFire1937d ago

Technically Dragon's Age and Dante's Inferno were not made by EA, but other than that. Its been awhile since I seen these games. Its easy to forget if I don't have but one or two of them.

arjman1937d ago

No doubt one of them will be an FPS from Respawn

morkendo231937d ago

ALL next gen games be REHASHED FPS. i seriously doubt any developer take a chance to develope new ip's only other games we'll see SUPER STREET FIGHTER 5,GRAN TURISMO 6,LITTLE BIG PLANET 3, NEW RATCHET AND CLANK:BACKSIDE THROTTLE,VIRTUAL FIGHTER 7,FINAL FANTASY 15. all others be boring digital download content games YAWN!!!!

Disccordia1937d ago

None of the games you listed were first person shooters