Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim: Dawnguard Final Details

Bethesda announced an expansion for Skyrim yesterday. The expansion, titled “Dawnguard” contains roughly 15 hours of content. The expansion will focus on Vampires as they try to put an end to the ‘tyranny of the sun’. You can either fight alongside the vampires, gaining the ability to switch into a Vampire Lord form, or against the Vampires with the anti-Vampire faction, Dawnguard.

If you take the side of the Vampires, you can change into a snarling, spiky winged creature being able to fly across any environment in the world of Skyrim, disappear into a cloud of bats and gain a completely new perk tree. The Vampire Lord form will give you the ability to conjure a gargoyle to fight alongside you. You can also pull enemies, paralyze them, poison them etc. Your health, magic and stamina will be increased as well (by 50%).

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user54670072265d ago (Edited 2265d ago )

Jeez....joining the Dawnguards give you nothing equal to joining the Vampires

"If you don’t want to join with the Vampires, you can fight against them with the Dawnguard. You’ll miss out on the cool Vampire Lord form, but you’ll be able to summon an armoured troll to help you and you’ll also gain access to other bonuses. You’ll gain access to multiple tiers of crossbow designs, as well as armor and other weapons."

But if your a Vampire Lord you get to summon a Gargoyle so it's not really giving you a reason to join the Dawnguards when you can summon something just as cool AND have all the powerful vampire lord stuff aswell.

Bethesda really didn't balance the unqiue stuff you get from joining a side.

I thought they might of given you a powerful spell good against the undead or maybe a weapon depending on which one you want which is good against vampires.

I mean if Crossbows and the Dragon weapons were just exclusive to the Dawnguards then fair enough but even then for the people whos smithing isn't a high level or don't have the perks they won't be able to craft them anyway

xPhearR3dx2265d ago

I'm sure there's plenty of details that Bethesda refuses to share and would rather players experience them themselves. I have multiple high level characters anyway, so I will play through both regardless.

WeskerChildReborned2264d ago

I heard that if you go with Dawnguard, you're able to craft the best armor in the game i think even better than Daedric.

Sajawal2264d ago

I totally agree with xPhearR3dx, the reason for keeping information from the players is to give them the element of surprise. Making their gaming experience much more better .