Rumour: Left 4 Dead prequel coming from Payday dev

Payday: The Heist developer Overkill Entertainment is working on a prequel to Valve's Left 4 Dead, a reliable source has told CVG.

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Pandemic2232d ago

This would be amazing if true.

Harelgur2232d ago

So L4D3 would come before HL3.

BXbomber2232d ago

can it come 2 ps3 this time???

r212232d ago

no matter disagrees there is, the next valve game is coming to ps3. so if l4d prequel comes out, it'll be on xbox 360, ps3, pc and possibly wii u.

shaun mcwayne2232d ago

fingers crossed. l4d for me was one of the best games this gen.

L6RD7BLU32232d ago

*+1 agree* Smartest comment ever!

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