Mugen Souls E3 2012 Hands-on Preview [Capsule Computers]

Mugen Souls is being billed as the Ultimate RPG by NIS America, and you know what? They might just be right, as Capsule Computers has had some time to play the title on the E3 2012 floor and write up a preview of what was shown.

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Godmars2902260d ago

Loli in "serious" JRPGs = Bad

Loli in comedy JRPGs = Good. I guess.

Just wish there were some serious JRPGs sans Moe is all.

koga882260d ago

Well it doesn't look like all of the cast is actually loli, from what they said the overall art style is that most of the characters appear chibi in form, making them look loli. From what I've seen of other images there are normal adult looking characters as well.

coaidant2260d ago

Doesn't look that bad at all

scoobydoodoo2260d ago

Very good preview. I'll check this game out I think, once I read teh reviews