Aliens: Colonial Marines Hands on and Audio Interview From E3 2012 at Skewed and Reviewed

Gareth at Skewed and Reviewed has posted his impression of Aliens: Colonial Marines after some hands on multiplay time at E3 2012. As a bonus, Gareth has also posted an audio interview with one of the developers where they discuss the solo play portion of the game.

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joab7772297d ago

This game could have a special place in multi player circles. The concept of creature vs. Human has been used (successfully by l4d) but I always felt like it could be phenomonal. Maybe this will be. Now I just gotta find time.

Garethvk2297d ago

I had heard to expect L4D meets aliens but there was so much more to it. I will be updating this with more depth, I just had 5 things to write and post tonight before I had to turn in for the next day at E3 so I went with a shorter story than I had originally planned.


Watch the suspense trailer. I'm sold.

Garethvk2294d ago

The detail level was amazing. I had to watchout as you kept wanting to explore and look at the details but if you did so, then something nasty had a way of popping up.