Yoichi Wada Discusses Square Enix's Next Generation Engine Luminous

The Square Enix CEO discusses the company's new Luminous Studio technology.

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pwneddemocrat2147d ago

"you have games like Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts. There aren't engines that are appropriate for these types of games."
" We aren't thinking about selling the engine externally, so that's about right," replied Wada. "There's no mistake that Luminous Studio is an engine made with the view of producing RPGs like the past FF games."

So let me get this right Sqaure, sir. It took you this many years to finally build an engine that is suitable for the games your fans want?

Your fans only want Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts, why admit that you just built a proper engine for them after so long? Shouldn't that be the FIRST freaking engine you build? Seeing that it is the thing suitable for your freaking franchise.

The engine looked amazing. But just like the FF VII tech demo looked amazing and then you did not deliver.

LightofDarkness2147d ago (Edited 2147d ago )

They "delivered", to a degree. They didn't make a VII Remake, but XIII actually looks better than what they had targeted with the VII demo.

Only time will tell, but in my opinion? They haven't made a great FF since IX. Yeah, X is awful, and the only reason I can see people enjoying that game is because it was their first FF and nostalgia does a lot to cloud your perception. Squaresoft's last great game was probably Xenogears, or possibly Chrono Cross. They've been sliding big-time ever since, even before they merged with Enix, like some wishful thinkers would have you believe.

I don't really see that changing any time soon. They'll still make good games, but great games that define generations? Not likely.

Troll-without-Bridge2147d ago

If you think FFX was their first Final Fantasy how can nostalgia cloud their perception? You're not making any sense.

I've played many fantastic Square titles this and last gen as well.

LightofDarkness2147d ago (Edited 2147d ago )

Because they can't look back on the game objectively, due to feelings of nostalgia whenever it is brought up. They can't apply the same standards they might apply to other games to FFX because of nostalgia.

People say FFXII/XIII didn't deliver everything they expected from FF and then proclaim FFX as being the best game ever. The problem is that much of things they complain about with regards to XII and XIII are very much problems in X as well.

XII supposedly had the wrong protagonist, but X very clearly does as well. Whereas pretty much anyone had more of a connection to the plot of XII than Vaan, the same could be said of X (Yuna and Auron were ideal choices). Tidus was clearly shoehorned in as the androgynous pretty boy player character, just like Vaan.

People accused XIII of having none of the trappings of FF games, but neither did X. No controllable airships or world map, completely linear, no moogles, a lame Cid and a laughable villain. They both had pretty atrocious stoylines (FFX is riddled with plot holes and lazy plot devices) and lame villains.

Not everything about X is bad, I remember the battle system was good (why can we not swap characters in and out again since then?), but it's just not the greatest game ever made, let alone the greatest FF game.

Anyway, I think that's enough for now, but I think I've made my point: FF games haven't been great for a long time, and they very well may not be again.

tigertron2147d ago (Edited 2147d ago )

I think FFXIII and Versus (what we've seen so far...) hit the FFVII target render and I'm sure that if SE hit this target render it will look phenominal.

ash_divine2147d ago

Wow. Am I dreaming or did Yoichi Wada actually say something that gets me excited for SE's future?

Hopefully this new engine makes developing AAA jrpgs much easier. That way we can actually get a new Kingdom Hearts Console game this century.(As well as a awesome FF.)

FinaLXiii2147d ago

Wada this engine may be the start of your redemption.