The Microsoft E3 2012 Presentation: Impressions and Recap

GamerFitNation: The Microsoft presentation was all about the Xbox and its Media Center capabilities. There were many games shown throughout the Keynote, both in game play form and through trailers. Throughout the presentation, the abilities of the Kinect were highlighted, making it a true Microsoft presentation. The Keynote was not all about gaming, Microsoft also debuted Smart Glass, a feature that will synchronize all of a person’s mobile devices.

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EVILDEAD3602263d ago

Microsoft stayed in it's lane..showed it biggest games, it's biggest innovations..Smart Glass. Promoted XBLA and Kinect.

What looked like a conference by the numbers ended up being the best overall presentation of the console conferences IMO..


AngelicIceDiamond2262d ago

Yep they have a broader portfolio with Core games, XBL, and Kinect/integration. Disappointed they didn't show off "Ryse" but Ascend: New Gods looks incredible can't wait for Halo 4 and the free roam massive multiplayer Forza: Horizon

ChunkyLover532262d ago

They would have gotten more attention if they did 3 little things.
1.No Usher
2.Demo Forza Horizon
3.Demo Gears Judgment

I think they had a fair, but not spectacular showing, obviously most, if not all of their studios are working on next generation games.

I think they toned down the Kinect focus, really only showed one Kinect game, I would have actually preferred a Fable The Journey demo, but overall I was pretty satisfied.

deep_fried_bum_cake2262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

Microsoft's was a pretty bad conference (plus it had Usher, which is worse).

Sony's was the best overall as it avoided the awkward presenters that plagued the others (except in the far cry co-op demo), showed of some good games and revealed some, and the only low point was the Wonderbook.


"I don't think there were any awkward presenters at Microsoft's show"

Clearly you missed the Wreckateer presentation, painful viewing.

I know the Wonderbook soiled the Sony show but what I was saying is that it was a better overall show than Microsofts.

"Trying to declare a winner in this E3 is like deciding which piece of cat poop you'd rather eat."

All the cat poop, I don't pass up on free food.

ChunkyLover532262d ago

I don't think there were any awkward presenters at Microsoft's show, the creators of South Park are huge Xbox fans and went entirely off the cuff, no teleprompter or anything. Joe Montana seemed actually impressed with the voice commands of Kinect with Madden 13.

Usher was bad, but I hate to tell you this, Sony didn't have a better show in my opinion. They were all about equal, and Wonderbook took a huge dump in the middle of Sony's show. 15, 20 minutes dedicated to that just killed their momentum, they also didn't show hardly anything for Vita.

Trying to declare a winner in this E3 is like deciding which piece of cat poop you'd rather eat.

peeps2262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

Just seems every year when MS go "we haven't forgotten about the core" and then proceed to show the same 3 games... Halo, Forza and Gears.

MS just don't seem to wanna introduce anything new. Perhaps they will next year with the new console but in all honestly it wouldn't surprise me if as part of their new console unveiling they tease a new Halo, Gears and Forza

Also are Gears and Forza becoming yearly franchises...

Forza - 2005 - Turn 10
Forza 2 - 2007 - Turn 10
Forza 3 - 2009 - Turn 10
Forza 4 - 2011 - Turn 10
Forza Horizon - 2012 - Playground games
Forza ? - 2013? - Turn 10?

Gears is still sticking to a 2 year gap but going with a different developer... kinda how Treyarch and IW alternate COD to provide a game a year with a 2 year dev period...

I mean about 8 months after Gears 3 released they are already announcing a new game!

ChunkyLover532262d ago

I'd fully expect Gears, Halo and Forza for next generation. Just like you can expect Mario, Zelda and Metroid from Nintendo, and Uncharted, God Of War and Killzone from Sony.

Those are all huge franchises with a huge base of fans, as for Forza, this is a totally different game, its made by a different developer and is targeted at more of an arcade, open world fanbase. Gears Of War Judgment is being made by both Epic and People Can Fly, it will never be a yearly release. People Can Fly are handling the campaign, Epic is handling the online portion. They announced a new Gears, but its not coming out until next year sometime.

Megaton2262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

At one of the weakest E3s in years, with so much focus on stale sequels, anyone who showed new core IPs wins by default, IMO. Microsoft just brought multiplats and the same old 4 recycled IPs they always show. Halo, Gears, Forza, Fable.