Lead Everquest Game Designer Geoffrey Zatkin Chimes in on What it Takes to Do His Job

Geoffrey Zatkin is the COO of EEDAR and worked on the original Everquest who’s here to share some insight on the responsibilities of what a Game Designer really is.

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Christopher2297d ago (Edited 2297d ago )

What ever the equivalent is to knowing how to do CPR for one of the oldest MMOs out there, that's what it takes.

Honestly, there's so much goes into finding out 'what would make your MMO work' in today's industry is way too hard to do. MMOs are about as easy to put out now as games on console, that a free to play market is leading ahead of the majority of pay to play market. In fact, many would say that WoW is about the last truly successful pay to play game whereas others tend to make money, but not in an amount equal to true success, but enough to keep things going and hoping that investors will want to help you make your next game.

I do not feel for a person who gets started in that market.

GCFOX2297d ago

It's true the Market is different now. It's interesting to see how things are changing.