E3 2012: No one won

Digitally Downloaded writes: "All the major publishers put forward a compelling roadmap for the year in their own way. But because we already knew about almost everything shown (the sole exception being Ubisoft that somehow managed to keep one secret), E3 2012 was simply not exciting. So no one won."

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MrBeatdown2235d ago (Edited 2235d ago )

I'd say Ubisoft won pretty decisively. They usually are terrible, but they came out with some really strong games this year. Watch Dogs is arguably the game of the show. Assassin's Creed looked fantastic at both the Ubi and Sony conferences. Splinter Cell was known about ahead of time, but I thought it looked quite good as well.

Most importantly, they managed to do it all with gameplay.

I didn't watch Nintendo's, but the other three conferences all fell flat. They each had some nice moments, but nothing truly memorable to set themselves apart from the pack.

EVILDEAD3602235d ago

IMO Ubisoft doesnt count when talking about the presentations as they don't have the pressure of introducing hardware, but at the end all the consoles that get Watch Dogs which will be at next years E3 will have a gaming experience that matches the biggest Sci-fi games of any gen.

I felt Micrsoft had the overall best presentation as I felt they accomplished what they needed to do and exceeded what ANYONE expected them to pull off in year 7.

Sony beat Nintendo when it came to consoles, but Nintendo gave 3DS incredible love and attention this E3.

The funny part of everyone saying Vita is done is that Call of Duty the most hated franchise by the internet PS3 elitists is really going to be the most successful Vita game of all time followed by Assasin's creed. Altogether DO NOT count Vita out even if the Sony show was lacking in Vita attention compared to Nintendo.

Just my take


Y_51502235d ago

I won. I get to see new gameplay from God of War and The Last of Us. A newly announced title called Beyond: two souls. PS+ having 12 free games added to the service! Nintendo showed off the Wii U(not entirely but lets be patient here, They showed 2 new Mario games that I will enjoy for sure. Pikmin 3! I'm a happy gamer but you know it could have gone better but I didn't lose.

Garethvk2235d ago (Edited 2235d ago )

You cannot Win E3. Just becuase you get some hype does not matter at all if you do not sell products. You cannot determine if a company won or lost until the success of their products has been determined. I see tons of things every year that are hyped to the max, that fail to live up to expectations critically or commercially.

Lets not forget what raves Daikatana got years ago and how it was a best of show title.