E3 2012 Nintendo 3DS Software Showcase Wrapup

A summary of the E3 2012 Nintendo 3DS Software Showcase, which streamed live at 9 PM EST/6 PM PST on June 6th.

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BubloZX2230d ago

Some good stuff. Hoping for a little more though

--Onilink--2230d ago

No surprises aside from the upcoming demos, but still a pretty good showing. Even more after reggie confirmed that fire emblem is coming to NA. The 3DS line is looking really impressive this year

Resident evil revelations
Tales of the abyss
Metal gear solid 3
Kid icarus
Mario tennis open
Kingdom hearts 3D
Heroes of ruin
New super mario bros 2
Paper mario SS
Luigi's mansion
Rythim thief
Harvest moon a new beginning
Castlevania LoS mirror of fate
Epic mickey power of illusion
Pokemon black/white 2
Pokemon conquest
And probably some more i dont remember now

BubloZX2229d ago

Black 2 and white 2 are DS games

--Onilink--2229d ago

yeah, and also conquest, but they seem pretty good and any 3DS owner can get them, so they count on my list

belac092230d ago

final fantast theatrythm.

shaanmjoshi2229d ago

I'm sad that there was no mention of Animal Crossing, or Prof. Layton. And Reggie only revealed that Fire Emblem was coming to North America after the showcase, when somebody asked him.

Thank god for Twitter.

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