Inspiration and Evisceration in They Bleed Pixels

"The duo behind Spooky Squid has managed to produce an impressive oeuvre in just over three years since their founding. Miguel Sternberg and Andrij Pilkiw have already created four freeware games and are now busy putting the finishing touches on their first full length game, They Bleed Pixels. I sat down with Spooky Squid’s founder, Miguel Sternberg, for a one-on-one about They Bleed Pixels, and the inspiration behind their game.

They Bleed Pixels takes us into the head of a disturbed girl’s nightmares where she fights through swaths of shadowy enemies using lance-like appendages where her arms once were, all because of a mysterious book that seems pretty Necronomicon-esque. Spooky Squid forged an intersection between Grimm’s Fairy Tales, and a Hong Kong gorefest movie — replete with all manner of blockish carnage, spouting from antagonists in long red parabolas of extinguished mortality — and imbuing it with the ludistic sensibilities of Nidhogg, Super Smash Brothers, and even oddly enough, Amplitude. And even though this seems like a particularly gory and violent affair, the whole thing comes off strangely (and morbidly) endearing."

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