The More DMC Changes, The More Devil May Cry Stays the Same [Kotaku]

Kotaku - Dear Devil May Cry fans: know that I am one of you, for the most part. A guy who played DMC1 gleefully, suffered through 2, was comforted by 3 and ignored 4. So let me declare that I think there's nothing to worry about with the upcoming DMC reboot. You jump, shoot and slash with style.

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Abash2301d ago

I dont care, because of this game we'll never get a DMC5 and all the characters, enemies, weapons, storylines, etc. have been scrapped in favor of a more western appealing reboot for the sake of greater sales.

AgreeFairy2301d ago

Considering how much DMC4 sucked, I don't mind this DMC at all.

Summons752301d ago

wow sucked must have been redefined seeing it was the most popular out of the whole series not to mention highest selling...Devil May Cry did not need a reboot and this could far gone to a far better developer, preferably one who actually has made good games before unlike Ninja Theory.

Tony-Red-Grave2301d ago


DMC4 released on PC,PS3.and 360 and sold just barely over original. GoW sold 5mill on one console alone.

just because it sold better then others doesn't mean it met expectations

Chitown712912301d ago not feeling this.....................I miss Nelo Angelo already....

dark-hollow2301d ago

it looks more awesome everyday. let the haters hate!
their arguments are getting weaker with every new footage shown.

rezzah2301d ago

Your reasoning for why it is so great in comparison to the previous series is outstanding.

Good job.

Tony-Red-Grave2301d ago (Edited 2301d ago )

isnt this a repost of the same preview?

Prophet1122301d ago

Anybody else think the new Dante looks like Hayden Christensen, even sounds a little like him.

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