Gamespot: DUST 514: Show Floor Demonstration

E3 2012: Get an in-depth look at DUST 514 in this show floor demonstration.

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DA_SHREDDER2299d ago

This should have been in at least part of Sony' montage.

izumo_lee2299d ago (Edited 2299d ago )

This game is CRAZY DEEP!!!!

I do not know why the PC crowd & PS3 crowd occasionally banter with each other (about graphics and whatnot) when we can work together to create something like this!

@ DA_Shredder

It was in the video montage & quite abit of it was shown. It was not at the presser cause CCP had their own showcase a month or so back.

raytraceme2299d ago (Edited 2299d ago )

Most of my friends and I own a pc/ps3 combo. I really don't know anyone with an xbox that has a gaming pc. But anyways this game is battlefield mixed with halo and looks beastly. I am amazed at how far dust 514 is taking it in terms of scale and customization. I just hope that the graphical glitches won't be included in the final product :D

Virtual_Reality2299d ago (Edited 2299d ago )

What showcase? EVE Fanfest was the only showcase they did for EVE community? That is very unknown for console players.

The conference was the chance, at least to show the new trailer, which doesn't take more than 3 mins.

izumo_lee2299d ago

Well that is what the internet is for.

I was interested in this game (as all PS3 players should be) so i watched CCP's press conference at EVE Fanfest to get myself acquainted with the game & what it was all about. I was thoroughly impressed with what i saw which is why i will support this game when it is released.

Both Sony & CCP are taking a huge risk with this game. It would be a shame if the PS3 fanbase do not reward their efforts.

arbitor3652299d ago

why the hell didnt they show off Dust 514 at the conference? why was it relegated to the pre and post shows? there are so many reasons why it should have been in the show

1) its ambitious as hell. E3 is all about delusions of grandeur, but this actually does have massive potential. I mean, if nintendo can hype the balance board and microsoft can hype nickelodeon, than I think this game deserves some hype.

2) its a free to play, massive console shooter. and thus it should be given as much spotlight as possible as a console seller.


DigitalAnalog2299d ago (Edited 2299d ago )

They should finally show their GUNS at gamescom. NO EXCUSES. I want the new Sucker Punch game, the new Guerrilla games "game", I want to know what the hell is Sony Bend doing, I want to know what Stig Assmussen is working on since he isn't involved in the GOW game anymore. I want to know about TLG details, I want to know what FIRST PARTY titles on the Vita are like. They f*ck this up with another 5 min montage intro... man I'd be so pissed.

OH and they better show Dust 514 with Eve online section on stage. SERIOUSLY, that would've been a much better use for their time on stage than WB.

Oldman1002299d ago

I'm disappointed that we won't be able to play the actual game on the vita. They need to make it happen!

HammadTheBeast2299d ago

That's way too much to ask of the Vita. It just doesn't have the internet capacity to make this game happen. Maybe a Vita spin-off would be nice, with maybe 10 v 10 servers instead of 24 v 24.