PlayStation Universe: 3D nowhere to be found at Sony show

Last year, many of our beloved titles were graced with the third dimension. Resistance 3, Batman: Arkham City and even the beloved PlayStation-stapled Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception popped out of our screens in glorious gameplay. Last year was indeed a huge push towards 3D gaming, but it seems like Sony is going toward something else. With 3D being strangely absent at E3 2012, we can only ask, “What happened to Sony’s 3D support?”

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Tired2057d ago

This is a good point...was wondering that myself.

decrypt2057d ago (Edited 2057d ago )

“What happened to Sony’s 3D support?”

It went down the gutter just like the Move. Imo 3D on consoles was a marketing checkmark just so they could say "oh we do 3d too".

Anyone really looking for 3D should know PC is where thats at. With over 600 games supported all capable of running at 1080p 60fps. Console makers just made a joke out of themselves again.

Recently played games like Witcher 2, Need for speed shift, Battle Field 3, Left 4 Dead, Metro 2033 in 3D on the PC. The experience can be amazing, though my eyes tend to get strained after 10-15mins of play. Hence its not for everyone, however anyone looking for 3D gaming PC really is where thats at.

Tired2057d ago

I happen to enjoy using both the move and 3D. You can keep your 1080p computer made shoebox diorama.

I'll stick with my 3D projector, 120" of 720p does me fine. I flinch and try to duck EVERYTIME something comes my way. That never happened with pc monitor or a 3dtv.

I'll take immersion and heartpounding over a graphical bump ANY day of the week. Even 2D + depth titles look good as there appears to be more depth.

Next Gen I reckon they can perfect it....and it'll be way better. Happy to wait, just wish I'd heard more.

Never had a problem playing for hours in 3D, but I wear glasses too. Maybe yours are slightly iffy so get tired.

T9002057d ago

PC can too can hooked up to a 3D projector. Infact you could do 3 projectors at one go for a super huge eyefinity effect, i think that would be amazing.

On the 3D topic, i think the list of 3D games on consoles are limited to about 50 games, Ones that support 3D and Move maybe limited to 10 games. Lol you could probably hook up the move to the PC and enjoy alot more games.

Morpheuzpr2057d ago

Show me any $300 pc doing 3d.

T9002057d ago (Edited 2057d ago )


You speak of 3D, buying an expensive 3DTV for it yet are being penny wise foolish on the hardware used to render the 3D.

Certainly people looking for 3D, last thing on their mind is a budget.

Anwways a 500usd PC will easily do 3D alot better than any console can. Here is a link to one right now:

Comes equipped with a GTX 560ti, enough to run most games out today in 1080p 3D.

Plus it actually has a huge list of games that run in 3D over 500 for sure. The 300usd console you speak of barely has 50 games in 3D. You get what you pay for :) I think so many extra games in 3D easily justifies 200usd extra premium over console. Not to mention every game bought on console is more expensive, in the long run PC just pays of for itself ;-) So yea in the long run the console is actually expensive.

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Neko_Mega2057d ago

So? That had a huge list of games to show off, why waste time on 3D? Besides I bet some of those titles will support 3D.

Cerberus292057d ago (Edited 2057d ago )

I think most games today have a 3D option in the menus, so it's probably just considered a standard feature by now. No reason to beat people over the head with it like last year.

Kurt Russell2057d ago

I am suprised by the amount of games that are 3D - I didn't even know half my games on the xbox have 3D options as well. You kinda miss it if you don't have a 3DTV to match ;)

thekiddfran2057d ago

More importantly,Vita games were nigh on existant aswell!

abzdine2057d ago

i think 3D is nice when it is well used. It is for me best used with God of War: Collection 2 and MotorStorm 3D rift.

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