PSNATION.ORG: Please Sony, Hold off on PS4

Here is why PS4 should not be released until 2014!

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Snookies122115d ago

They won't... As I've said before, it would be one of their worst moves in a LONG time if they release the PS4 in or around 2013. They need time to get things back in order with their company and actually make some money before attempting to manufacture ANY next-gen hardware. They would suffer a monumental loss of money doing that, and when they're already nearly in a dire financial situation it would ruin them to do so.

yewles12115d ago

It's NOT coming out in 2013! When's the last time a home console came out in the same year of its announcement?

FarCryLover1822115d ago

xbox 360, officially announced in 2005...released in 2005.

Nitrowolf22115d ago

Yep Xbox 360 in 05

There's a good history of console being revealed at E3 with the same year release:

Virtual Boy announced E3 1995,released in 1995
N64 announced 96,released in 96
Dreamcast 99,99 release
2001 both Gamecube and Xbox were revealed and released later that year

Hufandpuf2115d ago

Any attempt at next-gen hardware from any of the companies is essentially telling them to put all their eggs in one basket. Sony needs to push Vita more and cover losses, MS needs to get more games on their system so that people will keep playing and buying XBL, and Nintendo has to seriously give people a reason to buy the WiiU.

Right now I don't see anything worth buying into this summer so I expect heavy loses in every company across the board until the winter. Even game devs are putting in extensive DLC plans in order to keep up profits.

Shadonic2115d ago

Thats the thing these companies most likely already have something in development or already decided whats going to be developed next gen. Epics been giving articles for months about next gen specs for their engine and also talk of the next gears ( not judgement) not being on the xbox 360, plus all these rumors of new projects being developed with next gen engines thats been going on since January. Somethings definitely is up even one of the MS officials agreed with the idea of new Ips and come on that's an obvious inclusion for each gen. its coming out next year definitely

joab7772115d ago

Don't worry. I believe based on games being released that the 720 will be next winter and the ps4 the following winter. It will be fine this time though because its about games. They just can't afford to allow a CoD release on the 720 which I don't think will happen.

What they do have is many great games coming. This will keep people playing the ps3. Hardcore gamers may go get the new 720 just to have it but...Anyway, I hate to say this but it may benefit them not to go head to head with the new Xbox.

chili162115d ago

Well it wasn't announced at E3, so thats a good thing! I am all for new anything, but when your console is doing well now and has momentum, don't spoil that!

sway_z2115d ago

Firstly I don't see myself picking up any next gen console day one, month one or even year one. I had my fingers burnt with early hardware adoption ...360 (RROD more than twice) and numerous BluRay reader issues and YLOD on PS3. I guess I'll see how many issues new purchasers have within the 1st year of ownership before I bite the bullet. In my humble opinion the PS3 is still hot property even after 6 years, and the 360 is only limited by its DVD9 format. If say Sony were to follow Nintendo's route i.e. increase the ram to say 3 or 4GB and update GPU with a faster BluRay access read, repackage the hardware (smaller perhaps) then i'd be happy as larry. I'm sure some would disagree...yeh maybe so...but gaming isn't always about who's got the fanciest the end of the day it has to be about the games...long live the games!!!

DivineAssault 2114d ago

We need it already because the systems are struggling to handle the graphics devs r putting into games.. nx gen will have 1-2 teraflops opposed to currently having less than a quarter.. 5-8 times more powerful to handle 1080p 60fps with ease & slick as butter... If next gen can handle unreal 4 engine (which they probably will after a few tweaks) the games will look so much better & with less programming

DestinyHeroDoomlord2114d ago

More software and less hardware. Has anyone ever said that I love ps3 more than the games they play on it? The console is the shell and games are the soul...

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