PSNATION.ORG: South Park: The Stick of Truth impressions

Can we please get a good South Park game!

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Snookies122017d ago

This game looks freaking wonderful. It is a definite buy from me. The fact that it looks identical to the show in just about every way, and the humor from the trailer alone seems spot-on. It's South Park through and through, and I'm VERY happy about that.

Daver2017d ago

exactly my thought too

FinaLXiii2017d ago (Edited 2017d ago )

I hope there´s some throwbacks in this game like this one.

dktxx22017d ago

I just hope it's better then their new episodes.

Snookies122017d ago

Well, their new episodes are still enjoyable, though they do have one or two a season that are hilariously funny. I'm glad they're going to continue with South Park. Even as it is now which is kind of hit and miss, It'd be a really sad day when they stop making episodes.

Reverent2017d ago

Argh, which season was it with the episode, "The Ungroundable"? That episode was hilarious; That entire season for that matter.