PSX Extreme: Beyond: Two Souls Post-E3 Preview: What We Know, What We Want

It's suddenly one of the most anticipated games of the generation, and PSXE looks at what we know, and what we hope to see from Quantic Dream's latest.

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tunaks12088d ago (Edited 2088d ago )

I don't know what is it about this "game" but it just doesn't work with me. The guy from quantic dreams came off as pretentious and ellen page uncanny valley was distracting. Probably just me though.

ilikestuff2087d ago

if this game is any thing like heavy rain, day 1 for me. i couldn't put down heavy rain, i loved it

Lucretia2087d ago

definatly just you.

Have you played Heavy Rain?

if you have just imagine how epic a game like that would be with the world that Beyond 2 Souls has? its gonna be intense

telekineticmantis2087d ago

I'm disappointed so far from what I've seen, but some of the mechanics are excellent.

younglj012087d ago

The 23 mins of footage was worth giving them an hit.If what I just show was true then the PS3 truly have alot more surprises up its sleeve...