Vita developer, PS3 game engine revealed for Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale

The developer for the Vita port, in addition to the game engine used for the Playstation 3 version, has been revealed for Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale.

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Ken222178d ago

Lol at the pix Fat princess is like "Catch me Kratos"and Kratos is like"NOooooooo" XD.

smashcrashbash2178d ago

That's hilarious. That is exactly what it looks like. 'Take me in your arms you big hunk of man' and Kratos is like 'What the hell lady, back off'

sinncross2178d ago

Bluepoint is great. I think Sony should really consider absorbing them at some stage.

That said, BP were, at one point, making a scifi RPG: too bad nothing has come of it.

miyamoto2178d ago

BP is also doing Metal Gear Solid HD PS Vita conversion.

They really did a great quality job

also watch MGS4 PSVita remote play here:

dafegamer2178d ago

lmfao you nailed it bro

AgreeFairy2178d ago

Hoping the devs let us pause during gameplay to snap photos like these.

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PirateThom2178d ago

Bluepoint do amazing conversions... so I have faith the Vita version will be on par with the PS3 version, at least.

360ICE2178d ago

Is it not fair to hope the PS3 version will look a little better? I mean, it is the PS3. They showed of The Last of Us on E3, we know what it can do. Certainly it should have a little edge over Vita.

MasterCornholio2178d ago

What matters the most is the gameplay which is intact in the Vita version. So i wouldnt worry about the Vitas graphics i mean its a portable so its normal that it wont have the same level of visuals as the PS3 version.


yesmynameissumo2178d ago

The on stage demo was 2 players on PS3 and 2 on Vita. Looked great! I'm personally not too interested in the title, as the roster is revealed more and more, I can't help but be intrigued.

r212178d ago

2 ps3s and 2 vitas? wow. that is awesome.

kingdavid2178d ago

Im curious how deep the single player is gonna be on all stars.

SSB brawl had so much content to collect. If its anything as big as that, ill probably snare a copy.

metsgaming2178d ago

i think they guy on the vita won too.