New Super Mario Bros 2 Has Co-op

Nintendo have just showed off New Super Mario Bros 2 at their Software Showcase.

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Rrobba2232d ago


A fun game gets even more fun! Why did Nintendo leave all these announcements for after their E3 presentation!?

eagle212232d ago (Edited 2232d ago )

Nintendo Network logo on box so not sure. The ENTIRE campaign is co-op with the brother Luigi . :)

Fire Emblem Awakening confirmed for north america! :)

Rob9462232d ago

It's such a big step up from the multiplayer in the first title. Should be a lot of fun playing this with a friend.

jonboi242232d ago

looks really fun, love the gold flower but anyone know what the fascination with all the gold coins everywhere. I haven't seen this much gold coins in a mario game before. i mean at times it looks like a golden coin shower.

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