E3 2012: Sea of Mediocrity? No big surprises, but should there be?


"Disappointment abounds.

That’s the sentiment I see repeated all over the place about E3 2012, and specifically, with the possible exception of Ubisoft, the big conferences.

Often it is a case of announcements that were hoped for not appearing, like the next gen (despite the fact it was stated there would be no next gen announced) or the fact that we knew most of the announcements going in.

Or, in the case of the Wii U, a feeling scepticism or, in the case of the PS Vita, a stunned “where are the games and price cut”?

There were very few surprises.

A “sea of mediocrity” as one commenter put it.

But does this mean E3 2012 is a big disappointment?"

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Proeliator2299d ago

I agree... such an underwhelming e3.

Patriots_Pride2299d ago (Edited 2299d ago )

Hell it was so boring that even CNN mentioned it.

gaminoz2299d ago

It's hard to get too disappointed when there are so many really great looking games.

But yeah, the conferences were pretty ordinary from what I saw.

BadCircuit2299d ago

I agree with the author. There's no reason why E3 should be all about new announcements that shake the gaming world.

We have just got used to big tech etc. announcements

There are plenty of good games there and the new Ips like Last of Us and Watch Dogs are looking great, as are 'rebooted' games like Tomb Raider and AC3

DeusExer2299d ago

I agree too with the author. MS and Sony are waiting until next year to reveal the next gen consoles.

While its been underwhelming in terms of announcements of sequels, they are still promising looking games.

Just because they are sequels doesn't mean they are unoriginal. Its the chance for reworking and refinement.

But original IPs seem to be the shining light so far. Watch Dogs for example, has everyone talking.

gaminoz2299d ago

That's right. Thinking out of the box and testing new ideas can make awesome games still on our current gen systems.

It's not all about power and that. It's about thinking through gameplay styles and ideas too.

BadCircuit2299d ago

To be honest I don't have the cash for a new console.

I was hoping that the PS Vita would get a price drop though...maybe at Christmas?

But then there are so many great games again!

FarCryLover1822299d ago

Just have the new consoles in mind (imagine they are coming next fall) and just save $20 here and there and put into a "next gen console jar" and by the time they are out, you will be amazed and you will have enough!

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The story is too old to be commented.