Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes 3DS Demo Available Now

Nintendo are currently hosting their 3DS Software Showcase, where they are showing off many upcoming 3DS games. They have just showed off Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes,

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Rrobba2016d ago

Seems fun.

Downloading right now.

ShadyDevil2016d ago

Downloading, but where is Paper Mario?

MGRogue20172016d ago Show
stuntman_mike2016d ago

shame none are available in the UK i wouldnt mind playing that now.

klecser2015d ago (Edited 2015d ago )

UK has Heroes of Ruin demo right now. Trust me, I'd rather have that!

The Lego Batman 2 demo may be the best demo released yet. The game is great and feels much more like a console version lego game than the "light" lego games released on DS. Voice acted too!