Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon Coming To Eshop As Full Game Download

Nintendo are currently holding their Nintendo 3DS Software Showcase event, and are showing off many upcoming 3DS games. Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon was shown off and just before they left the stage to bring on the next game they mentioned something quite interesting.

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ShadyDevil2144d ago

So excited for this I might go buy a Gamecube again and the original Luigi's Mansion.

eagle212144d ago (Edited 2144d ago )

Just maybe wait till you get WiiU and download it in HD....they will definitely have it. But go ahead if you can't wait.

This game will be entertaining.

TXIDarkAvenger2144d ago

They confirmed being able to download gamecube games for the WiiU? If so that is awesome news.

--Onilink--2144d ago

no they havent confirmed that.

I would say its kind of an obvious move by Nintendo, but i thought many things would obviously show up at E3 and look what we got... so im just gonna lower my expectations to avoid the dissapointment in case it doesnt happen

Rrobba2144d ago (Edited 2144d ago )

A step in the right direction for Nintendo's online strategy.

MasterCornholio2144d ago

Now 3DS games come to the store as downloadable titles?

Nintendo are just copying Sony with digital dowloads and what Sony does is better because all Vita games receive a digital option instead of just a few as in Nintendos case.

BTW i was just kidding about the copying part but in the future i would love to see more 3DS games get digital copys because when i go to the beach i am completely isolated and thus i dont have any access to any retail store which is why digital copies are a great thing for me.