Gamertalk: E3 2012: Splinter Cell: Blacklist Extended Demo

Get the details on the Splinter Cell 2012 Extended demo at E3 at

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kostchtchie_2265d ago

does not show the extended demo, rather talks about it and other stuff

loved the demo and new look from e3, big fan of the series i welcome this update

few things that made me laugh

-Guard dogs. If the pup grabs your arm mash the X button to put him down. [the camera will move behind Sam to hide the dog getting killed

its OK to see people being killed but the dogs no....hah class, and NO i do NOT condone killing animals in the real, this is video game

-Players can whistle or call enemies to lure them away from the group and into a trap. This can be done with the controller and the Kinect voice command

pretty lame that i cannot use Mic on PC version/ps3 version, again gamers getting stitched on this exclusive
garbage, unless they have announced it and i missed it

rest had a lot of nice features, i did bitch about the losing of Michael Ironside voice *sobs* dam u cruel world....

cannot wait to buy this though

Grown Folks Talk2265d ago

This continues to be a topic. Once again, the voice coding is already done for the developer with Kinect. They don't have to spend time & resources doing it themselves. That is why voice controls are being used with Xbox exclusively in some cases.

kostchtchie_2265d ago

ah right, thanks for the heads up