Torchlight 2 Devs On the Quest to Defeat Diablo (Interview)

The developers of upcoming dungeon crawl Torchlight 2 shared on their approach to the genre we've all come to love. Erich Schaefer, co-founder of Runic Games, said he wanted to make a game with its own charm, and that gives players the ability to blaze their own trails. “Hell, I play this game over and over and over. I want it to be a new experience every time,” he said.

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Chuk52087d ago

At this point, Borderlands 2 is also a strong competitor for the lootlust market.

an0nym0us2087d ago

They should just give up, nothing can beat Biablo 3 and this coming from someone who hasn't played bialbo 1, 2, or 3, nor have i touched any torchlight game, but what i say is FACT because I'm a journalist.

joab7772086d ago (Edited 2086d ago )

You may be a journalist, & I am jealous because it would be my waking dream to write for a living, but u r stating obvious facts. CoD will also outsell every other game this year. But, just as Battlefield 3 has begun to chip away at CoD's numbers, & WoW is beginning to see some real competition, games like torchlight 2 are invaluable. Their initial imperitive isn't profit. Yes, they would love to be profitable but because their numbers aren't carved in stone prior to launch, they must work really hard to separate themselves. Thus, no forced online play etc.

I am really hoping that they succeed. I, for one, can almost be sure that I will enjoy this game more and get more replay out of it. Yeah, maybe its subconscious and I am pulling for the.underdog, but with the right marketing and word of mouth, many Diablo fans may really want to play this game whether they know it yet or not.

Even if it isn't the juggernaut that Diablo is, I guarantee it will put pressure on them. T2 will garner a hardcore following that will demand concessions from Diablo. If not, oh well. At least as a gamer, I know I am going to have one hell of a time.

AgreeFairy2085d ago

The quest will be never-ending because it will never happen.