6 Games Nintendo should have talked about

6 games at E3 that could of painted the WiiU in a much better light, but Nintendo failed to showcase.

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shackdaddy2208d ago (Edited 2208d ago )

Add in P-100 and Game & Wario

I have no clue why Nintendo would leave out a first party game with one of their top characters as the star...

guitarded772207d ago

Yeah, Nintendo could have talked about those two. They also should have talked about downloadable titles. Look like Trine 2 will be on Wii U as a downloadable title, and there is a game called 'Tank! Tank! Tank!' which doesn't look like anything groundbreaking, but it could be fun. They also failed to mention that player's Wii game data and WiiWare games will transfer to the Wii U. They also could have shown more MiiUniverse and given an in depth look at their trophy/achievement system.

Ck1x2208d ago

Not to mention that they are publishing games like P-100 and Ninja Gaiden 3. They were discussing all of the changes being made to Ninja Gaiden3RE and I'm thing now this sounds like a game I wouldn't mind playing for sure. I just don't get it!

Hicken2208d ago

Nintendo seems to have forgotten about the core; even if they have the products to market, they don't seem to care about marketing them.

2207d ago
ronin4life2207d ago (Edited 2207d ago )

They aren't the only ones.
WonderBook? really?
I'm starting to think e3 has become a mass media center, and as such only mass appeal "casual" products and services are shown attention.

Ugh, this e3 was all around depressing and disappointing...

Hicken2207d ago

WonderBook was ONE feature(admittedly, they spent too much time on it) that Sony displayed that wasn't aimed at the core. And Sony isn't who we're talking about at all, so why even bring them up?

Nintendo was supposed to be pulling the core gamer back in with the Wii U, but I certainly didn't get that feeling from their press conference. Maybe they'll have more core stuff at their booth, though.

stuntman_mike2207d ago

It's absolute madness they didnt show these off??

that P-100 looks like it will be good fun, Ninja gaiden 3 remade as people wanted it. the tank game looks good also...

TheColbertinator2207d ago

I don't know why Nintendo failed to mention Fire Emblem Awakening during the conference

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