Hands-On With Battlefield 3: Armored Kill [Gameinformer]

Behind closed doors at E3, DICE showed off the first map of the expansion pack, Bandar Desert, the biggest map in franchise history. Here are some details I picked up during a short but sweet hands-on conquest battle.

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Jdub895O2264d ago (Edited 2264d ago )

its going to feel empty with only 24 players on ps3 Firestorm is boring enough. Ill be playing hardcore on the largest map to make it interesting

JoGam2264d ago (Edited 2264d ago )

sooooooooooo, the 360 has more players? Im just saying.

Ace_Pheonix2264d ago

There are 46,692 players currently on the PS3 playing BF3 and 51,650 playing on the 360. So while there is a few thousand different there, I can't see how it would impact online play in any way. I own both and in my opinion, the PS3 has a much better online community. But then, that's my opinion. It seems to have a more mature, adult audience, but there is the occasional annoying child there as well.

Ser2264d ago

No idea what you're talking about. I play Firestorm regularly on PSN and it's not boring at all. Find new servers.

BALLARD322264d ago (Edited 2264d ago )

@DrackBlack Every time I play Firestorm on 360 it's always the same. There's at least a whole squad of snipers on the outskirts of the map and a couple people waiting for vehicles at the spawn. You must be lucky.

Jdub895O2262d ago

Drak black i disagreed with you. Firestorm is boring unless your in a jet and even that is boring.Of course im talking about conquest you must be talking about rush right?

Ser2261d ago

Nope. I'm talking about conquest, and I always play on the PS3. I regularly switch between flying jets and running infantry on Firestorm. As I said before, find new servers? The map isn't boring to me at all.

@BALLARD232 - You must have bad luck. I've never had a problem with an entire squad of snipers on Firestorm. I play on PS3, though, so maybe that has something to do with it. Most of the time everyone's fighting for the middle, not camping the outskirts.